The TerraMar Project Partnership #NoMoreButts

Oceanic Global has partnered with The TerraMar Project on their #NoMoreButts campaign to spread awareness of cigarette butts as marine plastic pollution.

The TerraMar Project and Oceanic Global have joined forces to guide smokers and the global coastal tourism industry in reducing their plastic footprint by implementing the proper recycling of cigarette butts through TerraCycle. The two global NGOs are teaming up to promote their #NoMoreButts campaign as well as The Oceanic Standard, a toolkit for sustainable solutions, in a never-before-seen movement to offer recycling solutions for coastal businesses.



#NoMoreButts provides tools such as customizable curbside recycling receptacles, sealed pocket ashtrays, and access to rare recycling facilities with the capacity to break down cigarette butts that otherwise make their way into landfills and our oceans. TerraMar, leading on the coordination of businesses with sustainable vendors, is also providing free educational posters and shipping labels for businesses to easily send back their collected cigarette butts to be properly discarded. In turn, the Oceanic Standard toolkit, created by the Oceanic Global Foundation, provides marketing incentives and insight into additional sustainable practices that allow businesses to benefit from their environmental initiatives.


When businesses or individuals mail their collected cigarette butts to a TerraCycle facility, the components are separated and repurposed. The tobacco and paper are first separated for composting, then the cellulose acetate filter is cleaned, melted, and converted into pellets via extrusion (see “A day in the life of a plastic water bottle.” for more info). The pellets can then be combined with other forms of plastic (such as polyethylene or polypropylene) in the production of plastic items like ashtrays, industrial shipping pallets or plastic lumber.


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