Creating localized impact on a global scale

Art & Education

Saatchi Gallery Exhibit Partnership

Oceanic Global is the educational partner to Saatchi Gallery's Artificialis exhibit by Cyril de Commarque highlighting human impact on the environment.

Education & Awareness

1 Hotel Documentary Series Partnership

Oceanic Global has partnered with 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge on a year-long monthly conservation documentary series "Films for Thought".

Sustainable Travel

PHOENX Charity Partnership

Oceanic Global is thrilled to be the charity partner to recently launched sustainable luggage brand, Pheonx.

Monthly Happy Hour

LA Hub: Sip & Learn Series

Oceanic Global LA Hub has partnered with the newly opened 1 Hotel West Hollywood to host a monthly happy hour and discussion series bringing in expert speakers from a range of disciplines.

NYC Climate Week 2019

Arcadia Earth: NYC Climate Week Speaker Series

Oceanic Global has partnered with Arcadia Earth to host a two-day speaker series around UN NYC Climate Week below Arcadia's brand new multi-sensory experiential art space.

World Oceans Week

World Oceans Day on the Peace Boat

Oceanic Global led a workshop on how to implement The Oceanic Standard (TOS) and served as an exhibitor on board the Peace Boat for World Oceans Day.

World Oceans Week

Ocean Heroes Meetup

Oceanic Global was a community partner to the Ocean Heroes Meetup in NYC during World Oceans Week.


EarthCheck Partnership

Oceanic Global has partnered with EarthCheck to further engage businesses in the tourism and hospitality sector in responsible consumption on a global scale!

Ocean Champions

Art With Me *GNP 2019

Oceanic Global partnered with AWM *GNP and Tulum Environmental Organizations spearheaded by Woolis Green Solutions to implement the Ocean Champion Badge of TOS with venues participating in the festival.

Creative Communication

Earth Love Fest

Oceanic Global was the official sustainability and charity partner to the House of Yes for their Earth Love Fest Earth Day celebration.

TOS Launch Event

TOS Barbados Launch Event

Oceanic Global partnered with local social enterprise, Sustainable Caribbean, to launch the TOS: Barbados Edition in anticipation of the upcoming nationwide ban on single-use plastics.

immersive experiences

Moonbow Festival Tulum

Oceanic Global is the sustainability and educational partner at the upcoming weekend-long Moonbow Festival in Tulum.

speaking engagements

Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce Panel

Oceanic Global Executive Director, Lea d'Auriol, spoke on a panel addressing "Social Responsibility in Today's World."

Beach Cleanup Series

Dream Masterminds Miami Beach Cleanup

In partnership with Dream Masterminds, Sandcloud, KRAVE Studios and Sea Turtles Forever, Oceanic Global hosted a microplastics beach cleanup on South Beach.

Art Basel 2018

Arcadia Art Basel 2018

December 3-9, 2018: Oceanic Global is the educational partner for Valentino Vettori's Arcadia project, an immersive art installation designed to communicate the need and possibility for sustainable solutions.

Tap Partnership

Giving Tuesday 2018

November 27, 2018: Oceanic Global is launching a Giving November fundraising campaign with the support of partners, Find Tap.

Film Screenings

Nike BOX Barcelona Film Screenings

Oceanic Global's monthly activation partnership with Nike BOX Barcelona will continue throughout the winter in the form of film screenings to maintain the focus and engage the community in conversation around ocean issues.

Scientific expedition

Beneath the Waves Shark Tagging Expedition

Oceanic Board Member, James Sternlicht, and Ambassador, Kristin Hetterman, join our partners, Beneath the Waves on their latest shark tagging expedition!

Find Tap Partnership

Oceanic Global has partnered with Tap, a solution-based App that helps users identify and find refill stations for their reusable water bottles.

Dream Masterminds

Dream Masterminds Partnership

November 30th - December 2nd, 2018: Oceanic Global is partnering with Dream Masterminds as their Sustainability Partner for the Miami Masterminds.

Remove Invasives

Oceanic Global Wildlife Refuge Event

Friday, October 19th: Oceanic Global partnered with the National Park Service to organize an action around removing invasive species at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.

Sustainable Tourism

TOS: Coastal Tourism Edition SeaGoingGreen Partnership

Oceanic Global partners with SeaGoingGreen to develop the Coastal Tourism Edition of The Oceanic Standard.

Deepsea Exploration

Bluehole Belize: Aquatica Scientific Expedition

Oceanic Global is a strategic partner of Aquatic Submarine’s scientific expedition to the 420-ft deep Blue Hole in Belize.

Ocean Champions

Sandals Goes Plastic-Free with TOS

Sandals Resorts International (SRI) has pledged to eliminate all single-use plastics at each of its 19 locations across seven Caribbean islands with Oceanic Global by September 2019.

Plastic-Free Water

Open Water Charity Partnership

Open Water, canned water company became a charity partner of Oceanic Global.

Nontoxic lifestyle

MarlMare Charity Partnership

MarlMare became a charity partner of Oceanic Global.


The TerraMar Project Partnership #NoMoreButts

Oceanic Global has partnered with The TerraMar Project on their #NoMoreButts campaign to spread awareness of cigarette butts as marine plastic pollution.

Stories cast in silver

Salvari Jewelry Charity Partnership

Salvari Jewelry became a charity partner of Oceanic Global.

sea trash to swimwear

Sea Trash to Swimwear Partnership

Summer 2018: Oceanic Global partnered with Everest Isles to hold a contest supporting beach cleanups and upcycled plastic material.

Straw-Free Festival

Mempho Music Festival is Awarded the Oceanic Standard Straw-Free Certified Badge

October 6-7, 2018: Mempho Music Fest takes a stand and goes Straw-Free!

Partnership with the IFF

Ibiza Film Festival

Oceanic Global is an official partner of the Ibiza Film Festival, which was founded in 2007 by Xavier Benlloch. As a part of the partnership, Oceanic Global will showcase environmental documentaries and films throughout the festival seasons.

Music with a Mission

Hydrah Single “One of These Days”

DJ Hydrah uses underwater samples in her latest Single, proceeds benefitting Oceanic Global.

Music and the Movement

Soho House World Oceans Day: Oceanic Standard Unveiling

June 9, 2018: In honor of World Oceans Day, Oceanic Global unveiled The Oceanic Standard at Soho House after a panel discussion about sustainability and the music industry.

Supporting UN Sustainable Development Goals

United Nations World Oceans Day

July 8, 2018: Oceanic Global Founder, Lea D'Auriol, spoke to advocate UN Sustainable Development Goal 14: Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas, and marine resources.

IMS Goes Straw-Free

International Music Summit: Oceanic Standard

In May 2018, the IMS demonstrated their continued commitment to sustainability as they were awarded the Oceanic Standard Straw-Free Certified Badge.  

Transforming the Music Industry

Nightmares on Wax & Wax Da Jam Partnership

Artist Nightmares on Wax is going straw-free with Oceanic Global both at home and while on tour.

Art Basel Miami

The Artivism Challenge

An educational competition using visual arts to raise awareness about critical issues impacting our ocean.

Trash to Treasure

Oceanic x Miami Artivism Shoreline Cleanup

December 3, 2017: Putting the activism in artivism, the Artivism Challenge included a beach cleanup to collect materials for an upcycled plastic art installation.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Hampton’s Magazine Young Influencer Event

July 28, 2017: In the spirit of the Hamptons Magazine Influencer Issue, this cocktail reception celebrated up and coming young influencers including Oceanic Ambassador Sailor Brinkley Cook, raising funds and awareness for Oceanic Global.

Upcycled Art & Fashion

Parsons School of Design Partnership

Parsons students helped design and create upcycled pieces for Oceanic x Ibiza.

Conservation & Creativity

Oceanic x Advaya London Event

June 30, 2017: Oceanic Global and Advaya Initiative came together in London for a night of education and celebration in anticipation of Oceanic x Ibiza.

Technology to Inspire

Sónar+D Barcelona

June 15-17, 2017: Oceanic Global was honored to have a booth showcasing the Oceanic Augmented Reality App in the tech section at Sónar Barcelona, a festival celebrating music, creativity and technology.

a collective voice for the world's oceans

World Ocean Festival

June 4, 2017: Oceanic Global hosted the first ever World Ocean Festival in partnership with the UN, the City of New York, and Global Brain.

Augmented Reality Activism

Primavera Sound Festival

May 31 - June 4, 2017: Promoting the Oceanic Global Augmented Reality App and raising hype for the Oceanic x Ibiza experience at the Primavera Sound Festival.

Ocean Inspired Design

Architectural Digest Design Show: Dagmara Weinberg

March 16-19, 2017: Dagmara Weinberg's ocean-inspired fractal patterns were featured at the Architectural Digest Design Show 2017, raising funds for Oceanic Global.