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United Nations World Oceans Day 2020
On June 8th, Oceanic Global produced the all-day virtual event dedicated to Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean.
Ancient Wisdom & the Ocean
Join us on 20 April to discuss the vital role of traditional, indigenous, and local knowledge in ocean conservation.
The Oceanic Standard
Industry-specific guides and badge verification system for implementing sustainable practices

Oceanic Global inspires us to care deeply for the ocean and provides solutions to protect it. The 501(c)(3) non-profit sheds light on humanity’s essential relationship to the ocean and empowers individuals, communities, and industries to create positive change for our collective wellbeing.

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Why We Exist

70% of our earth is ocean

93% of fisheries are fully fished or overfished

Every 60 seconds a truckload of plastic enters the ocean

90% of coral reefs are projected to die by 2050

Only 5.3% of our Ocean is currently protected

Grassroots Initiatives

At Oceanic Global, we create localized impact on a global scale through educational programming, community engagement, and stakeholder partnerships.

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