[o·ce·an·ic] adjective

:of, living in, or produced by the Ocean

With the Ocean composing over 95% of the biosphere, and accounting for over 50% of the world’s oxygen, all life on Earth is inherently Oceanic. Protecting the Ocean is key to protecting the Earth, humanity, and our collective wellbeing.


Our Mission

Oceanic Global reconnects humanity to the Ocean and provides tangible solutions and blueprints for all levels of society to coexist in harmony with our Blue Planet.

Our Programs

Our core programs focus on engaging People & Community, Business & Industry, and Institution & Policy to not only meet the Ocean’s immediate needs, but also to reshape systems and restore balance for the long-term.

Education & Campaigns

Deepening understanding and connection through art, science, innovation, wellness, and ancient wisdom


Volunteer Hubs

Empowering localized leadership and conservation initiatives to create global impact

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Global Convenings

Re-envisioning frameworks and promoting inclusivity and diversity in the global Ocean dialogue

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Cross-Industry Blue Standard

Awarding continuous industry commitments that prioritize the health of our Blue Planet


Community Grants

Supporting community-led resilience and grassroots action in the most impacted communities

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Our Recent Work

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Our Partners

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