Introducing a new status quo for sustainability in sports.

Issues At Stake


tons of plastic waste, produced globally per year


of drinking water in the U.S is contaminated with plastic


States have plastic-focused environmental legislation


plastic cups are used at sporting events per year

SUPR Changing the Game

  • $56B spent on sporting events
  • Sport teams represented in 51 major U.S. cities
  • While only 13% of Americans follow science, 61% are sports fans
  • 1 in 5 mentions of ‘sports & sustainability' on social media addresses plastic waste

Very few industries are positioned to bring people together for one common interest.

Join us in promoting environmental action and engaging your fans towards one mission.

How SUPR supports you...

The value chain of single-use plastics
Procure Product
  • Suppliers discounts
  • Innovative solutions for reusable options
Purchase at Consessions
  • Navigate agreements with food service providers and sponsors
  • Employee training and process redesign
Dispose Waste
  • Fan education and experiential marketing
  • Design & branding support for messaging and signages
Sort & Haul Waste
  • Tech enablement for waste tracking & analytics
  • Network of non-profits and downstream buyers
  • On-site composting and upcycling solutions
Fan Enagement
  • Content strategists, media planners and PR to drive campaigns
  • Network of high profile endorsers
The SUPR Badge System
Become a SUPR champion, take the pledge
45% diversion rate
Replace or eliminate single-use plastic straws, stirrers, and lids
Eliminate single-use plastics from suites, boxes, and in stadium restaurants
70% diversion rate
Replace single-use plastic cutlery, service-ware, and paper-based cups
90% diversion rate
Replace plastic cups, bottles, and bags
Replace all BOH single-use plastic items

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