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Our ocean is both the source and the sustainer of all life on earth. We all need to care deeply.
By giving to Oceanic Global, you’re helping provide solutions and empower action to protect the ocean.

Your gifts have helped Oceanic Global further both grassroots and international industry solutions for ocean conservation. Thanks to you we’ve launched and supported regional Hubs volunteer programs globally, created 120+ educational campaigns to keep ocean protection and plastic reduction at the forefront of conversation, produced United Nations World Oceans Day for three consecutive years, impacted 6+ international policies at the city, state, and country-level, and much more.

Through our industry solutions program, we have engaged 400+ businesses in 25+ countries, written 5+ sets of open-to-all sustainability guidelines, trained 60+ consultants to verify sustainable businesses, and supported 300+ sustainable solution vendors as they enter the market.

These accomplishments would not have been made possible without your generous support - and we’re just getting started!

100% of donations directly support our work. Be part of the solution and give today to help us restore our ocean’s health and empower individuals, communities, and industries to create positive change.

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