NYC Straw Bill Introduction

May 23, 2018: Oceanic Global is fighting on the frontlines to ensure that NYC catches the wave of progress a host of other cities and countries are riding, and decides to ban single-use plastic straws.

On Tuesday, May 23rd, NYC Councilman, Rafael Espinal Jr., introduced a bill to ban plastic straws in New York City. Mayor Bill de Blasio also came out in support of the bill.


Oceanic Global was one of the lead supporters of the bill, working the office of Councilman Espinal, the Wildlife Conservation Society and its #GiveaSip campaign, as well as over 100 of New York City restaurants and hotels that pledged to go plastic straw-free!


We are thrilled to announce, that as a result of our outreach, many of New York City’s finest eateries committed to eliminating plastic straws and  improving their environmental footprint. Some of these restaurants and hotels that signed up under The Oceanic Standard include: Uncle Boons, Daniel, DB Bistro Moderne, Boulud Sud, Cafe Boulud, Bar Boulud, Bar Pleiades, Il Buco, Il Buco Alimentari, Cosme, Atla, Indochine, Pasta Flyer, Cookshop, Vic’s, Rosie’s, Shuka, Estela, Cafe Altro Paradiso, Flora Bar, Lalito, Supernatural, Uncle Boons Sister, Otto’s Market, Mettā, Marlow & Sons, Achilles Heel, Reynard, Diner, Roman’s, Sconset Café, 1 Hotels, House of Yes, Bounce, Acme, Colonie, Craft, Eataly, Egg Brooklyn, Frenchette, Gran Electrica, Grand Banks, Output, Happiest Hour, Hemlock, HPH Hospitality, Musket Room, Pasta Flyer, Musket Room, Rynard, Riverpark, Rosie’s, Rucola, Scampi, Seersucker, SH Group, Shuka, Smith Canteen, Supernatural, Temple Court, Tijuana Picnic, Tongue in Cheek, Williamsburg Hotel and Freehold.


The Straw Bill was up for discussion at a City Council Committee Hearing on June 21st. See here for more details.