Creating localized impact on a global scale

Tap Partnership

Giving Tuesday 2018

November 27, 2018: Oceanic Global is launching a Giving November fundraising campaign with the support of partners, Find Tap.

Film Screenings

Nike BOX Barcelona Film Screenings

Oceanic Global's monthly activation partnership with Nike BOX Barcelona will continue throughout the winter in the form of film screenings to maintain the focus and engage the community in conversation around ocean issues.

Art Basel 2018

Arcadia Art Basel 2018

December 3-9, 2018: Oceanic Global is the educational partner for Valentino Vettori's Arcadia project, an immersive art installation designed to communicate the need and possibility for sustainable solutions.

TOS Global Event Series

The Oceanic Standard Tulum Event

November 18, 2018: The launch of The Oceanic Standard in Tulum was accompanied by an evening of art, solution-based vendors, and a panel discussion around sustainability in the hospitality industry with local experts and activists.

TOS: Office Space

TOS: Office Space Edition M Moser Collaboration

Find Tap Partnership

Oceanic Global has partnered with Tap, a solution-based App that helps users identify and find refill stations for their reusable water bottles.

Dream Masterminds

Dream Masterminds Partnership

November 30th - December 2nd, 2018: Oceanic Global is partnering with Dream Masterminds as their Sustainability Partner for the Miami Masterminds.

Transforming the Built Environment

AIA International Region Conference 2018

November 1st - 4th, 2018: Oceanic Global Project Manager, Cassia Patel, is a panelist at the AIA International Region Conference in Singapore.

Our Ocean

Our Ocean 2018

October 29th & 30th: Oceanic Global team-members attended the fifth annual Our Ocean conference in Bali, Indonesia.

Remove Invasives

Oceanic Global Wildlife Refuge Event

Friday, October 19th: Oceanic Global partnered with the National Park Service to organize an action around removing invasive species at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.

Sustainable Tourism

TOS: Coastal Tourism Edition SeaGoingGreen Partnership

Oceanic Global partners with SeaGoingGreen to develop the Coastal Tourism Edition of The Oceanic Standard.

Deepsea Exploration

Bluehole Belize: Aquatica Scientific Expedition

Oceanic Global is a strategic partner of Aquatic Submarine’s scientific expedition to the 420-ft deep Blue Hole in Belize.

Education & Awareness

1 Hotel Documentary Series Partnership

Oceanic Global has partnered with 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge on a year-long monthly conservation documentary series "Films for Thought".

The Oceanic Standard

The Oceanic Standard Launch Event Ibiza

October 8, 2018: Oceanic Global hosted a free event for hospitality operators in Ibiza.


Alpha’a Inc. Climate Week NYC Roundtable

September 24, 2018: Oceanic Global Founder, Lea D'Auriol, spoke on a panel at a roundtable during Climate Week NYC.

Ocean Champions

Sandals Goes Plastic-Free with TOS

Sandals Resorts International (SRI) has pledged to eliminate all single-use plastics at each of its 19 locations across seven Caribbean islands with Oceanic Global by September 2019.

City-by-City Experience

Oceanic x Ibiza BBC Planet Earth

Since Oceanic x Ibiza, Ibiza has committed to going single-use plastic-free by 2020! Hear from our founder, Lea D’Auriol.

Plastic-Free Water

Open Water Charity Partnership

Open Water, canned water company became a charity partner of Oceanic Global.

Nontoxic lifestyle

MarlMare Charity Partnership

MarlMare became a charity partner of Oceanic Global.

Burning Man

Burning Man Ecofriendly Guide

Oceanic Global’s Del Coyle wrote a guide outlining tips for sustainable choices burners can make at the annual festival, a great reference for those making final preparations for Burning Man.

City-by-City Experience

Oceanic x Ibiza Forbes Speaker Videos

Since Oceanic x Ibiza, Ibiza has committed to going single-use plastic-free by 2020! Hear from our speakers at the experience.


The TerraMar Project Partnership #NoMoreButts

Oceanic Global has partnered with The TerraMar Project on their #NoMoreButts campaign to spread awareness of cigarette butts as marine plastic pollution.

NYC Beach Cleanup Series

Fort Tilden Beach Cleanup

September 8, 2018: Oceanic Global hosted our second NYC beach cleanup at Fort Tilden.


The Oceanic Standard

The Oceanic Standard offers industry-specific guides for adopting sustainable practices that meet both business and environmental needs.

Barcelona Beach Cleanup

Oceanic x Unilever x Little Beachouse Barcelona Beach Cleanup

August 21, 2018: Oceanic Global, Unilever and Little Beach House Barcelona hosted a sunrise beach cleanup.

NYC Beach Cleanup Series

Oceanic x Electrify Full Moon Beach Cleanup

July 29, 2018: Oceanic Global hosted our first beach cleanup in NYC in partnership with Electrify Magazine.

Stories cast in silver

Salvari Jewelry Charity Partnership

Salvari Jewelry became a charity partner of Oceanic Global.

sea trash to swimwear

Sea Trash to Swimwear Partnership

Summer 2018: Oceanic Global partnered with Everest Isles to hold a contest supporting beach cleanups and upcycled plastic material.


Villa Illumina Crypto Symposium

July 14 - 20, 2018: Oceanic Global’s James Sternlicht spoke at a Crypto Symposium in Mykonos that earned the Ocean Champion Badge.

Revolutionize the Retail Space

Random Acts of Creativity (RAC Lifestyle) Partnership at Destination Haus

August 4, 2018: RAC's pop-up at Destination Haus created the opportunity to spread awareness of sustainable retail, promote the Oceanic Global augmented reality App, and raise funds for Oceanic Global.

Straw-Free Festival

Mempho Music Festival is Awarded the Oceanic Standard Straw-Free Certified Badge

October 6-7, 2018: Mempho Music Fest takes a stand and goes Straw-Free!


The Current

Oceanic Global's bi-weekly newsletter and artist highlight, featuring artists creating in the marine conservation space.

Conscious Consumerism

#OurChoicesMatter Campaign

Oceanic Global Foundation's #OurChoicesMatter campaign outlines simple steps that individuals can take to become more responsible consumers. We challenge you to say no to single use plastics and help spread the word!

Celebrating the Variety in Nature

Destination Haus, Hamptons

July 7, 2018: Destination Haus in Amagansett, NY exhibited Founder and Photographer Laureen Vellante's ocean-centered artwork and raised funds for Oceanic Global.

Light on Shadow

East End Activism at Southampton Art Center

June 28, 2018: Oceanic Global hosted a panel celebrating Shawn Heinrich's photography and discussing ocean conservation with Oceanic Ambassadors Balaram Stack and Susan Rockefeller.

Stay Active

Nike Box Barcelona Monthly Beach Cleanup Series

Oceanic Global partnered with Nike Box Barcelona to host a year-long beach cleanup series, beginning June 25th, 2018.

NYC Plastic Straw Bill

Straw Bill Public Council Hearing

June 21, 2018: Oceanic, WCS, Lonely Whale, and Councilman Rafael Espinal Jr. joined forces to host a rally demonstrating support for the bill before testifying at a public council hearing in City Hall.

Partnership with the IFF

Ibiza Film Festival

Oceanic Global is an official partner of the Ibiza Film Festival, which was founded in 2007 by Xavier Benlloch. As a part of the partnership, Oceanic Global will showcase environmental documentaries and films throughout the festival seasons.

World Oceans Week

World Oceans Day Beach Cleanup

June 12, 2018: Oceanic Global partnered with sponsors, Nike Box and DGTL Festival to host a beach cleanup in Barcelona.

Music with a Mission

Hydrah Single “One of These Days”

DJ Hydrah uses underwater samples in her latest Single, proceeds benefitting Oceanic Global.

Music and the Movement

Soho House World Oceans Day: Oceanic Standard Unveiling

June 9, 2018: In honor of World Oceans Day, Oceanic Global unveiled The Oceanic Standard at Soho House after a panel discussion about sustainability and the music industry.

Supporting UN Sustainable Development Goals

United Nations World Oceans Day

July 8, 2018: Oceanic Global Founder, Lea D'Auriol, spoke to advocate UN Sustainable Development Goal 14: Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas, and marine resources.

Sustainable Boating

Sailo x Oceanic Guidelines for Responsible Boating

The Sailo Guidelines for Responsible Boating include tips such as: interacting with sea life, eliminating single-use plastics, using non-toxic cleaning products and eco-friendly sunscreens.

Save Posidonia

Posidonia Maps Project

Oceanic Global sponsored Manu San Felix's Posidonia Maps Project to identify and protect critical habitat for marine life in the Mediterranean.

Stand by the Sea

Explorer’s Club Panel

June 6, 2018: Oceanic Global Founder, Lea D'Auriol, spoke on a panel discussing the crisis of plastic pollution in our oceans and potential solutions.


WCS “Give a Sip” Guidelines

Oceanic Global has worked with the WCS to develop a set of guidelines based off of The Oceanic Standard.

NYC Plastic Straw Bill

NYC Straw Bill Introduction

May 23, 2018: Oceanic Global is fighting on the frontlines to ensure that NYC catches the wave of progress a host of other cities and countries are riding, and decides to ban single-use plastic straws.

IMS Goes Straw-Free

International Music Summit: Oceanic Standard

In May 2018, the IMS demonstrated their continued commitment to sustainability as they were awarded the Oceanic Standard Straw-Free Certified Badge.  

Cross-Discipline Conversation

Symposia NYC

April 2018: Oceanic Global Founder, Lea D’Auriol, spoke on a panel at a Symposia discussion in NYC.

Sustainability Steward

Tongue in Cheek NYC Oceanic Standard

Tongue In Cheek parties in NYC make a bold statement by adopting the Sustainability Steward level of The Oceanic Standard.