Oceanic Global x Corona ABI’s River Cleanup Grant

Oceanic Global is thrilled to collaborate with Corona ABI on a global river interception program and locally-led grants that stop plastic pollution at the source.


A brand born at the beach, Corona has been on a continuous journey to eliminate plastic pollution, both through its business and on the beaches it calls home. With recent studies revealing that 80% of plastic in the ocean comes from rivers, Corona is taking a proactive approach to stopping the problem at the source.

That’s why Oceanic Global has joined forces with Corona to launch this river cleanup grant and intercept plastic in rivers worldwide. This river cleanup grant will fund not only the elimination of plastic pollution from river environments, but will also help to restore vital ecosystems, support coastal communities, and protect paradise– for years to come.

This river cleanup grant is intended to catalyze the growth and maximize the impact of existing projects, as well as to help kick-start new projects aligned with its mission. This river cleanup grant is open to applications to the public and smaller organizations in need of support will be prioritized.

This river cleanup grant is part of Corona and Oceanic Global’s larger initiative set to launch in Spring/Summer 2023. The grant is fully funded by Corona and made possible through Oceanic Global’s existing Grant program.

Oceanic Global’s Grants are dedicated to supporting projects and communities most vulnerable to climate change in implementing lasting solutions catered to local and environmental needs. As an international non-profit organization, OG equitably distributes Grants through a process of meticulous sourcing and vetting, onboarding and project management, and impact assessment.


2024 Grant Applications open on 12 July 2024

*The Application Form is designed to gather streamlined and standardized information to assist with the vetting of  candidates. Completion of the form does not ensure funding. Applicants will be contacted for next steps at Corona ABI and Oceanic Global’s sole discretion.


The vetting criteria against which prospective Projects will be evaluated is outlined below.

  • Plastic Interception: Projects should be located in areas negatively impacted by plastic pollution and where cleanup efforts are in dire need. A high % of material collected is expected to be plastic.
  • Local Livelihoods & Social Impact: The local community must be deeply engaged in the Projects and be integrated into elements such as: design, execution, and decision-making.
  • Material End-of-Life: Projects have a thorough plan to sort collected material and responsibly treat different waste streams. Local waste management infrastructure will be taken into consideration. Projects that are able to upcycle waste materials into durable products and compost organics will be given preference.
  • Target Regions: Priority regions for the 2024 program funding are Brazil. Applications in other regions are still welcome and will be reviewed independently.
  • Budget: Projects must identify their relevant funding bracket for the grant application as well as state the timeframe and duration for which they are seeking funding. Tiers:
  • Small: $10,000 – $50,000
  • Medium: $50,000 $100,000
  • Large: $100,000 –$150,000
  • Project Continuation: If applicable, Projects should identify a long term strategy for continuation. Ideally the impact of the project will outlive the term of the funding.

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