Oceanic Global NYC Hub Cleanup:
Rockaway Beach

Join the Oceanic Global NYC Hub in keeping Rockaway Beach clean on Saturday September 23rd!

Plastic in Packaging

There’s a big (and we mean HUGE) plastic problem in packaging. Over 40% of all plastic produced is for packaging—which is typically used once and then thrown away in a landfill, or worse, into the ocean.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We created the Product Seal & the Packaging Seal as part of the Blue Standard to help businesses explore responsible packaging solutions that are plastic-free, have a proper end-of-life strategy in place, and are compatible with available waste management infrastructure.⁠

The seals create a universal standard for “plastic-free” products, empower businesses to innovate within their industry, eliminate greenwashing by providing a validating source, and make it easier for people to choose products that *actually* tread lightly on the planet.

If you’re part of the CPG industry and want to see your company explore plastic-free solutions, visit bluestandard.com to learn more. So long, single-use plastics!

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