United Nations
World Oceans Day Conference

June 8th, 2020

Oceanic Global is the non-profit and production partner to the United Nations for this year’s World Oceans Day 2020 celebration.

World Oceans Day

This World Oceans Day, we’re partnering with the United Nations to create a platform highlighting ‘Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean’. The event will shed light on innovations for ocean sustainability, that are both promising and proven, ones that instill optimism, and that have demonstrated the ability to effectively scale.

2020 Theme: Innovation for a sustainable ocean

World Oceans Day 2020 will explore innovations across categories including technology, systems infrastructure, resource management, consumer products, and scientific exploration - and will outline how these innovations can be applied, their potential impact, and the resources needed to transform them into long-lasting solutions.

The Conference

The United Nations celebrates World Oceans Day every year on June 8th at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The 2020 World Oceans Day event will be following the UN Ocean Conference taking place in Portugal.


The day's activities will take place at the United Nations Headquarters in NYC.

The current schedule would begin the day with an overview of the current landscape, spotlight solutions, and a specialist panel. 

The afternoon, would feature speaker discussions by private and public sector thought-leaders, institutional partners and cross-industry experts to discuss challenges and opportunities including the blue economy, working with communities and scaling tangible solutions. In addition, youth would be addressing how they are driving innovation, needs, and key successes.

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Partner & Sponsor Opportunities

As the official non-profit and production partner for World Oceans Day 2020, Oceanic Global is joining The United Nations, our partners, Friends of World Oceans Day and ocean advocates around the world, to celebrate the benefits humankind derives from the ocean and raise awareness for our individual and collective duty to use its resources sustainably.

Oceanic Global has been given the opportunity to bring synergistic organizations on-board to present the event with us.

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Storyteller Interactive Session


Dr. Sylvia Earle

President & Chair, Mission Blue

Mr. Tun Lin

Labour Rights Promotion Network Foundation

Ms. Kudzi Victorino Dykman

Ocean Revolution and Bitonga Divers, President

Ms. Lynn Zebeda

Co-Initiator, WeOcean

Ms. Paige Alms

World Surf League, Pro Surfer