We can’t solve the climate crisis without prioritizing the ocean. Why then is the ocean a secondary narrative within the global climate agenda? With human activity increasingly devastating its ecosystems and undermining the benefits we receive from the ocean, we need all stakeholders to place a stronger focus on the ocean. There is no time to wait.

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Let’s Look At The Big Picture

The ocean covers over
70% of the planet

But receives less than 1% of all philanthropic climate funding

Coastal communities make up the majority of our global population

But as of 2021 only 33 out of 193 countries within the Paris Agreement had included coastal and marine nature-based solutions in their national climate strategies

The ocean economy is valued at approximately 30 billion USD annually

But Goal 14: Life Below Water is by far the least funded of all the Sustainable Development Goals, receiving .01% of funding from development finance

The ocean is our biggest ally in the climate crisis, absorbing the majority of heat from global warming as well as emissions of CO2

But in 26 years the ocean has not once been a key theme at the world’s largest climate conference, COP

The Ocean x Climate Appeal

The Ocean x Climate Appeal seeks to generate a groundswell of public awareness for the importance of the ocean, all who depend on it, and all it sustains, in mitigating the climate crisis. It is a global movement to demand urgent attention for the ocean, as well as to amplify collaborative initiatives and catalyze streamlined action to protect our blue planet. By adding your name and/or signing on as a partner organization, you commit to doing your part to amplify visibility for the ocean-climate nexus, and helping to place the ocean center stage in the global climate agenda.

Use Your Voice

“I recognize the vital importance of the ocean in mitigating the climate crisis and sustaining all life on earth. I pledge to use my own voice to elevate the visibility of the ocean and I call on decision-makers and civil society to prioritize ocean-climate matters in their respective spheres of influence across: policy-making, investments, research, education, media coverage, philanthropic support, content creation, technological innovation, and wherever else relevant. I pledge to stay informed on ocean-related news to the best of my ability, and to amplify solutions, honor local, traditional, and Indigenous wisdom, share knowledge, and collaborate where I can towards catalyzing positive change. With my signature, I acknowledge that we live on a blue planet and I pledge to take action towards protecting the ocean and all it sustains.”

Shaping Our
Shared Ocean Agenda

Signers of The Ocean x Climate pledge will have the opportunity to contribute to bi-annual roundtables on shaping our shared ocean agenda, facilitated by Oceanic Global and others deeply embedded within multi-lateral climate negotiations. The first roundtable, taking place during COP27, will feature representatives from UNFCCC, IOC UNESCO, UNDOALOS, UN Climate Champions, The Ocean & Climate platform and more.

Signing The Ocean x Climate Appeal will also invite you to our community where you will receive invitations, resources, and prompts to contribute to upcoming roundtables, as well as news on our progress and other synergistic ocean-climate wins.