Oceanic Global at COP28


For the third consecutive year at COP, Oceanic Global made waves, reinforcing our mission to reconnect humanity to the ocean – the beating heart of our blue planet.

Our presence at COP28 in Dubai united industry leaders, government officials, decision-makers, youth advocates, and Indigenous wisdom keepers in a powerful convergence, immersing global stakeholders in the pivotal role of the ocean within the climate change narrative.

A Night for the Ocean

A Night for the Ocean placed indigenous wisdom center stage to reconnect humanity back to nature.

Featuring the award-winning immersive experience ‘Sounds of the Ocean,’ opened with an evocative bilingual poem ‘The Whale,’ by the Emirates Literature Foundation and the University of Exeter. The enchanting marine world came to life through a blend of live music, dance, and oceanic imagery.

Oceanic Global Founder Lea d’Auriol moderated a captivating discussion during the ‘Ancient Wisdom & The Ocean Panel’ with 7+ Indigenous wisdom holders from Wisdom Keepers Delegation who shared their connection to water. In partnership with Sounds of the Ocean. Other speakers on the panel included: Whaia Creation, Sonic Weaver, Helene Lindmark, Rajendra Sing, Chairman, Tarun Bharat Sangh; “Waterman of India”, Bodhi Patil, Ocean Climate Solutionist.

Expo City: Green Zone l 4th December 2023


Art for the Ocean

Art for the Ocean underscored the power of art to bridge gaps in empathy and understanding for the ocean.

Oceanic Global partnered with the Arts Club Dubai to host ‘Art for the Ocean: Creativity as a tool to mobilize change’ panel discussion. The Evening explored the power of art to manifest solutions and mobilize momentum for ocean conservation. We need art for the ocean. There is no time to wait.

Speakers on the night included: Natasha Berg (Oceanic Global), Sophia Li (Journalist, Host, Climate x Web3 Founder), Dave Arasmus (Chairman- Our Carbon), Mohammed Kazem (Artist), Lea d’Auriol (Oceanic Global), Janet Bellotto (Professor), Florencio Noteci (CCO PlanetaryX & Advisor, the Reefline).

The Arts Club Dubai l 5th December 2023


The Ocean x Climate

The Ocean x Climate Roundtable dove deep into the vital role of marine and nature-based solutions in climate change mitigation.

The third edition of Oceanic Global’s bi-annual roundtable series in partnership with IOC UNESCO took place during COP28. The discussion continued to bring diverse stakeholder groups together to further advance the ocean-climate agenda.

Ocean Decade + OceanX Pavilion (Blue Zone) l 5th December 2023


The Caretakers
of the Elements

The Caretakers of the Elements gave a voice to the ocean as the sustainer of life on earth.

‘Caretakers of the Elements’ panel discussion was curated by DIRT Charity and hosted by Extreme Hangout. The panel opened with a Four Elements Ritual facilitated by The Indigenous Wisdom Keepers. Panelists including Oceanic Global’s Lea d’Auriol, spoke to their vision and unique understanding of the element involved in their activism: soil, fire, air, water.

Panelists: Arizona Muse (founder of DIRT Charity), Lea D’Auriol (Oceanic Global founder), Charlot Magayi (Kenyan Climate Activist), Jacob Johns (Indigenous Activist, Founder of Wisdom Keepers Delegation).

Green Zone l 6th December 2023


Islands of Hope

Islands of Hope showcased the role of coastal communities in shaping climate resilience.

Oceanic Global’s panel ‘Island Economies Driving Climate Resilience through Responsible Tourism’ was moderated by Oceanic Global’s founder Lea d’Auriol. This discussion focused on a sustainable future for islands.

Panelists included: Racquel Moses (UNFCCC Global Ambassador; Chief Executive Officer Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator), Illya Azaroff (Sustainable Tourism and Climate Change Consultant, EmeralDreams Consulting, Republic of Palau), Ivory Vogt (Sustainable Tourism and Climate Change Consultant, EmeralDreams Consulting, Republic of Palau), Glenn Mandziuk (Global Senior Director – Sustainability, Jumeirah Group) and Bryanne Tait (Sustainable Hospitality Alliance). Hosted by Island Innovation.

Island of Hope Innovation Zone l 6th December 2023


The Planet Ocean Panel

The Planet Ocean Panel underscored the importance of prioritizing the ocean in the climate agenda.

Oceans Day at the Future Mobility Hub with Hub Culture included a Planet Ocean panel discussion moderated by Oceanic Global board member Natasha Berg and extended water-related programming.

Speakers included: Shireen Rahimi (Underwater Filmmaker, National Geographic Explorer, and Founder of Lightpalace Productions), Patricia Furtado de Mendonca (Founder & CEO Acqua Mater), Paul Holtus (Founding President & CEO of the World Ocean Council) and Rayne Sullivan (Founder of Seastoria).

Supercool Mobility Centre l 9th December 2023


Female Quotient Panel

Female Quotient Panel highlighted the power and potential of female leadership to protect our blue planet.

Oceanic Global’s founder, Lea d’Auriol, contributed to the ‘Elevating Women’s Voices in the Startup Community’ Panel at the The Equality Lounge. The discussion explored the pivotal role of women in shaping the future of entrepreneurship and sustainable solutions that drive positive change in the startup ecosystem.

Speakers included: Navroop Sahdev (Founder and CEO, The Digital Economist), Andrew Chang (Program Director, New Energy Nexus), Shiv Khemka (Executive Chairman, The Global Education & Leadership Foundation), Pratap Raju (Founding Partner, Climate Collective Foundation), Raychel Espiritu (Marketing Director, Starburst Aerospace).

Supercool Mobility Centre l 4th December 2023


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