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Free industry-specific guides for adopting sustainable practices that meet both business and environmental needs


The Oceanic Standard (TOS) is a set of research-backed guides and badge verification system that helps various industries minimize their environmental footprint and adopt sustainable operating practices.

TOS industry-specific editions support shifts in operational infrastructure and is a resource for political action and reform.

TOS connects businesses directly to approved sustainable vendors for cost-effective alternatives to products that threaten our planet.

TOS badge verification system allows businesses to communicate their sustainability achievement.

Industry Editions


Plastic-Free Hospitality Edition

This flagship edition of TOS provides businesses in the hospitality industry with the tools to eliminate single-use plastics from their operations in both front-of-house and back-of-house and to implement responsible waste management practices. Edition includes employee training and awards badges to communicate sustainability achievement.

Download Country-Specific Editions below:

*Editions include local policy considerations, sustainable vendors, and waste management infrastructure.


COVID-19 Guidelines

Created in consultation with a coalition of public health experts and industry leaders, this guide clearly outlines best practices to achieve both hygiene and sustainability for the restaurant and hotel foodservice industry globally with a focus on eliminating unnecessary single-use plastics and improving waste management. This guide includes a compilation of existing research and resources from public health authorities, governments, research institutes and leading organizations.


Music Edition

TOS: Music Industry Edition is a comprehensive guide to implementing sustainable practices in the music industry, with a focus on reducing single-use plastic consumption and mitigating carbon emissions. This edition offers a multifaceted approach to engage with venues, events and tours as well as highlight artist and fan engagement strategies.


Sports Edition

The SUpR (single-use plastic reduction) Initiative, developed in partnership with NEXUS, introduces a new status quo around sustainable operations in the world of professional sports. SUPR provides alternative solutions to single-use plastic items for large-scale venues & events while establishing a proper waste management infrastucture. This robust program includes a sustainability playbook, network of sustainable vendors, strategic partner support from working with existing food providers to waste management, verified badge system, and a fan engagement tool-kit.


Office Edition

TOS: Office Space Edition focuses on implementing sustainable operating practices and engaging employees in around a healthy workplace and office culture. Sample recommendations range from eliminating single-use plastic items, setting an office standard around sustainable event practices, to using energy and water-efficient appliances. This step by step guide award office spaces with a sustainability badge to communicate and celebrate this achievement

Additional Resources

Get Verified

The Oceanic Standard has developed four badges to represent the different levels of commitment made by businesses, venues, and events to adopting sustainable practices.

  • Awarded to venues that commit to going plastic straw-free!

  • Awarded to an Oceanic partner venue that eliminates three types of single-use plastics such as: plastic straws, plastic bottles, and plastic cutlery.Reference options in Parts 3,4 & 5.

  • Awarded to an Oceanic partner that implements 6 types of sustainable practices. This could range from reducing single-use plastics and sourcing sustainable seafood to composting and recycling. Reference options in Part 3,4, 5 & 6.

Oceanic Standard Partners


TOS awarded









TOS Venues


Oceanic Global’s network of sustainable vendors includes over 200 brands across 20+ countries.

*Vendors approved by Oceanic Global’s scientific advisory board. *Oceanic Global has secured purchasing deals and discount codes with around 25% of its vendor database.

TOS Board of Advisors

  • John Warner

    President & CTO of The Warner Babcock institute for Green Chemistry

  • Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

    [Advisor from 2018-2021], Marine Biologist & CEO, Ocean Collectiv

  • Herve Houdre

    Founder, H2 Consulting & Previous Chairman for the Hotel Association of NYC

  • Stewart Moore

    Founder & CEO, EarthCheck

  • Gaeleen Quinn

    Co-Founder, QN Associates

  • Tarajia Morrell

    Writer & Hospitality Consultant, The Lovage

  • Laura Canevari

    Founder & CEO, ITACA

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