Oceanic x Ibiza

A Tale for our ocean

On July 20th 2017, Oceanic Global brought together leading conservationists, speakers, artists, institutions, musicians and sustainable brands for a day-long festival that raised awareness and ignited action for ocean conservation. Titled Oceanic x Ibiza, the dynamic event took place at Agroturismo Atzaro Ibiza and offered something for everyone – incorporating an expert speaker series, captivating art installations, virtual reality and augmented reality content, an eco-friendly artisan marketplace, film screenings, a designated children’s section, and activations by Oceanic Global’s NGO partners on-site. The daylong event drew over five thousands guests to learn about issues including: plastic pollution, coral reef bleaching, overfishing, dead zones, posidonia, and ocean acidification.

The concert portion of Oceanic x Ibiza was headlined by internationally acclaimed DJ Solomun with feature performances by BLOND:ISH, Lauren Lane, and Valentín Huedo. Each of these award-winning DJs donated their time to support the cause. The family friendly event was free-of-charge and all on-site donations that were directed towards Posodonia Maps, a cartography project to protect the Mediterranean that was founded by Oceanic Global’s Scientific advisor, Manu San Felix.

“Oceanic x Ibiza was an incredible, energetic collaboration to bring together such a range of inspirational game changers on ocean conservation. The scale & pace of the conscience festival was awe inspiring yet it left attendees with a solid & grounded action list for change. If Ibiza was just the start for Oceanic I can’t wait to see where they go next!”

David Saddington, Climate Change Communicator


Oceanic x Ibiza Overview Video


  • Oceanic x Ibiza ignited transformational awareness for plastic pollution in the Balearic Islands.
  • Following Oceanic x Ibiza, Ibiza has pledged to go single-use plastic free by 2023.
  • Elementary and high schools on the island eliminated single-use plastics and implemented ocean conservation curriculums.
  • Oceanic Global hosted a year-long series of beach cleanups in partnership with local NGOs.
  • Parsons School of Design created custom upcycled costumes as part of their coursework.
  • Oceanic Global helped over 30 local businesses eliminate plastic straws and single-use plastics.
  • Oceanic Global partnered with over 18 non-profits and provided them with an on-site presence.
  • Oceanic x Ibiza supported local artisans, commissioning them to create upcycled artwork for the event.
  • Oceanic x Ibiza brought an unprecedented caliber of speakers and global industry experts to the island for the first time.
  • Oceanic x Ibiza raised money for Manu San Felix’s local initiative Posidonia Maps.
  • Oceanic x Ibiza inspired the creation of, and was awarded the Eco Award at the 2017 DJ Awards.

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  • Speakers

  • Mixed Media

  • Live Music

  • Fashion

  • Art Installations

  • Eco-Boulevard

  • NGOs

  • Food & Beverages

  • Augmented Reality

  • Performance Art

  • Educational Content

  • Kids Section

“Oceanic x Ibiza served as a catalyst for change in the ocean conservation world. Never before have I seen such a diverse group of highly talented people gather together around a cause.”

Dr. Austin Gallagher


Oceanic x Ibiza’s on-site speaker series featured talks and panel discussions on ocean-related issues from over 20 leading conservationists from around the world.

  • Sandra Bendeniste

    Ibiza Preservation Fund

  • Diana Benito

    Freediving Instructor

  • Susan Rockefeller

    BoD, Oceanic; BoD, Oceana; Musings

  • Erika Bergman

    Aquatica Submarines & National Geographic

  • Alex Cornelissen

    Captain & CEO of Sea Shepherd

  • Manu San Felix

    Marine biologist, underwater videographer for Pristine Seas, National Geographic

  • Dr. Austin Gallagher

    Biologist & Founder of Beneath the Waves

  • David Gamero

    Founder, Eivinatura

  • Javier Goyeneche

    Founder & President, Ecoalf

  • Adrian Grenier

    UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador; Co-Founder, Lonely Whale

  • David Katz

    Founder & CEO, The Plastic Bank

  • Craig Leeson

    Director, A Plastic Ocean

  • Petter Malvik

    Communication Advisor, UN Environment

  • Alvaro de Marichalar

    Sailor & Entrepreneur

  • Matt Medved

    Founder, Billboard Dance

  • Claire Nouvian

    Founder & Board Chair, Bloom Association

  • Veronica Nunez

    Oceanographer, Cap Blanc Aquarium

  • Sajid Rahiman

    Entreprenuer, Samudra Fund

  • Patricia Ricard

    President, Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute

  • Jo Ruxton

    Producer, Plastic Oceans

  • David Saddington

    Climate Change Communicator

  • Lisa Shaw

    Long distance open water swimmer

  • Clara Villoslada

    Snowboard Olympian; CEO, Surfer Rule Media Group; Journalist


The concert portion of Oceanic x Ibiza was headlined by internationally acclaimed DJ Solomun with feature performances by BlOND:ISH, Lauren Lane, and Valentín Huedo. Each of these award-winning DJs donated their time to support the cause. Local Spanish musicians also donated their time and performed live music throughout the venue.

  • Solomun

  • Lauren Lane

  • Blond:ish

  • Valentin Huedo

  • Dan Bentley & Abby

  • Alisha Todd

  • Jon Tessier

  • Ryan Whitewolf

  • Jeconte


Oceanic used various artistic mediums to tell specific stories around ocean conservation. We worked with over 30 artists to develop artistic installations and performances as well as partnered with Proartso to create a series of educational sculptures called the 3R Project; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The 3R pieces, created by local craftsmen, were composed entirely of ocean trash with the objective of raising awareness for the magnitude of the plastic pollution and advocating for responsible consumption.

  • 3D Trash Installations

  • Ocean Projections

  • Dancers

  • Educational Artistic Structures

  • Live Painting

  • Sustainable Fashion

  • Photographic Content

  • Circus Performances

  • Interactive User Experiences


Oceanic Global has partnered with a number of local and global institutions and organizations to engage the local community and ignite global action.


Oceanic Global invited 20+ international and local businesses on the forefront of sustainable innovation to present their respective work at the event. Their wares highlighted solutions in the spaces of food, fashion, technology, and consumer goods.


Non-profit Org

Vellmari Asociacion

All collected donations from Oceanic x Ibiza supported Manu San Felix’s organisation, Vellmari Asociacion, to facilitate his project: Posidonia Maps. Posidonia (seagrass) is the oldest and largest organism on this planet as well as one of the most efficient carbon sinks. Protecting the Posidonia is a critical issue in Ibiza. Manu San Felix’s Posidonia Maps project offers a tech-oriented, and education-based solution that allows individuals to effectively coexist with the local ecosystem.



  • Creative Direction

  • Technical Production

  • Creative, Event Production and Strategic Partnerships

  • Sustainability Auditing

  • Public Relations

  • Trash Sculptures

  • Costume Designers

  • Artistic Performances


Salitre Films, Doumi San, Aaron Baker, Alex Dakov, Antonio Beneyto, Barbara di Giacinto, Christian Len, Ella Williams, Evan Newman, Elisenda Franquet, Felipo Soler-Roig, Frances Llopis, Guadalupe Revuelta, Ivan Andrades, James Sternlicht, Jennifer Hercol, Joanne Heywood, Joe Crossley, Jorge P.Bruges, Karin Isken, Kio Auba, Lauren Roll, Lea d’Auriol, Luis Navia, Marc Osmo, Marko Bajlovic, Raisa Bruner, Mariangel Ramirez, Megan Hill, Molly McGrath, Natasha Berg, Nina Fitzgerald, Jose Alvear, Pao Lopez, Quique Rico, Rabten, Rich Zajac, Rijka Negrete, Robyn Nicholl, Roselin de Thelin, Sarah Lewis, Shauna Stack, Sommer Pirrung, Zak Day