Meet the Ambassador

Sharon Pieksma

Pleased to meet you, I’m Sharon Pieksma, 27 years old, living in The Netherlands. I work as a DJ, model and I wear the title of Miss Universe Netherlands 2019. The platform gave me the opportunity to raise worldwide awareness of the devastating impact of single-use plastics. And that’s how I came in contact with Oceanic Global! :)

Ambassador Q&A

What inspires you to care deeply about the Ocean?

The beauty of mother earth with all the life inside the Ocean. And how it is a big part of us. We need to protect it because, we can not live without.

How are you working to create a positive impact with your platform and/or in your own life

Through music, I often sample inspiring spoken word segments about the earth and climate change. And on my socials, I positively spread awareness.

If you could share one tip for protecting our blue planet, what would it be?

Be aware of what you use and which brands you support and buy from. Reuse your clothes or remake them. And know what you eat from the Ocean.


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