Meet the Ambassador

Paula Rosales

After finishing on top of the podium in all of her competitions in 2015, Paula decided to focus her energy in a new direction. In early 2016, her company - Blue Kiteboarding, built the first and only kiteboarding terrain park in Asia in Palawan island, Philippines; setting an example for the southeast asian region to enjoy a carbon free approach to leisure watersports. With her background in communication arts, real estate development, project management, watersports and event management it is inevitable that her career transcended from the competition scene to the corporate scene advising for various coastal resorts on the pursuit to find meaningful guest experiences through flow experiences and Oceansports. Nowadays Paula enjoys teaching kitesurfing, organizing events , leading The Ocean Defenders - Ocean Action Comics, instigating conversations and collaborations between Filipino communities around the world to uplift community welfare and well-being.

Ambassador Q&A

Why do you care deeply about the Ocean/what inspires you to protect it?

I am inspired to protect the Ocean as i feel this is my true home. I spent my whole life in the Ocean. Living by the water, working in the water and playing in the water. My whole life has been dedicated to the Ocean.

Did you have an “aha” moment that inspired you to take action? If so, what was it?

There was a moment that i was living in a contaminated beach area and i got really sick. We traced the causes to be neglect and overtourism in our island. With this information and Aha moment, it has been a good reminder why i do what i do to protect the Ocean.

How are you working to create a positive impact? (Can tailor based on their passions/craft, ex. How are you removing plastic on tour?)

Teaching watersports has always been my way of creating a positive impact. I believe that when people get to play in the Ocean they get to love it and will always have happy memories when they think about the Ocean.

If you could share one tip for protecting our blue planet, what would it be?

wear reef safe sunscreen, always!


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