Meet the Ambassador

Rene Daniella

Rene Daniella is a British American travel host, freediver, and lifestyle content creator with a passion for Ocean conservation. Rene has a master's degree in global communication with a focus on Broadcast Journalism. Her travels have led her to live in 5 different countries and visit over 60 with the hopes of one day seeing every country in the world. You can follow her travels on Instagram @Ownbyfemme.

Ambassador Q&A

What inspires you to care deeply about the ocean?

The Ocean inspires so much passion, curiosity, healing, and peace in me and truly warms my heart. It sounds strange to say but it feels like home.

How are you working to create a positive impact with your platform?

I love creating content that inspires a positive relationship with the Ocean. I strive to share content in a way that brings awareness to both the beauty and richness of the Ocean and simultaneously, our urgent need to protect it.

If you could share one tip for protecting our blue planet, what would it be?

In order to function as a society, there are so many complex systems in place that we depend on that also directly impact our planet in a negative way. I think that can make protecting it feel a little overwhelming but it doesn't have to. One thing I consciously try to do is to reduce my consumption of animals and animal byproducts such as eggs and dairy. Although I don't eat actual meat, I'm not fully plant-based either but I believe any step towards that diet is not only better for the planet, but also much better for our personal health too. And of course, reducing single-use plastic is always a great way to support!


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