Meet the Ambassador

Jessica Clifton

My name is Jessica and I run my platform @impactforgood to talk about ways we can all live more sustainably. Ocean conservation has been my passion since I was 6 years old, and I’m doing what I can to protect our Oceans all the way from Arkansas.

Ambassador Q&A

What inspires you to care deeply about the Ocean?

My uncle is a marine biologist, so growing up I naturally cared so much about the Ocean because of him! Now caring deeply for the Ocean is second nature. The Ocean is such a beautiful, awe inspiring place that deserves to be protected.

How are you working to create a positive impact with your platform and/or in your own life

My platform is dedicated to inspiring others to make a positive change for the environment. Whether that’s through reducing waste, minimalism, supporting local, or having conversations about the environment with friends and family, we all have ways we can get involved in sustainability

If you could share one tip for protecting our blue planet, what would it be?

Take ownership of your power to make a difference. No action is too small!


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