The Oceanic Standard is designed to be an easy step-by-step guide for restaurants, event venues, hotels, bars, nightlife venues and more to adopt sustainable practices that empower consumers to make conscious choices while meeting both business and environmental needs.

Oceanic Global focuses on engaging new audiences in environmentalism. We work with a dynamic roster of businesses, nonprofits, scientists, and advisors to provide easy methods for implementing conservation in daily life. Through our work in creating educational events and immersive experiences surrounding ocean conservation, we identified an opportunity to create scalable change in the hospitality industry – where materials that threaten our environment, such as single-use plastics, are habitual.

Get Certified

The Oceanic Standard has developed three badges to represent the different levels of commitment made by venues, events, and festivals to adopting sustainable practices.

  • Awarded to venues that commit to going plastic straw-free!

  • Awarded to an Oceanic partner venue that eliminates three types of single-use plastics such as: plastic straws, plastic bottles, and plastic cutlery.Reference options in Parts 3,4 & 5.

  • Awarded to an Oceanic partner that implements 6 types of sustainable practices. This could range from reducing single-use plastics and sourcing sustainable seafood to composting and recycling. Reference options in Part 3,4, 5 & 6.

To be certified with The Oceanic Standard, please reach out to and we will share our badges with you. One of our team members or ambassadors will visit your venue to ensure practices are implemented and maintained.

Join Us

Help us spread the word and engage restaurants, hotels, bars, events and festivals around The Oceanic Standard!

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador please email us at

Our official launch!

The unveiling event will take place at Freehold in Brooklyn on the 27th of March, 2018 and will bring together business leaders and stakeholders in the hospitality space. There will be a panel discussion by leading industry experts, and guests will have the opportunity to interact with selected solution-oriented vendors.

This initiative and its kick-off would not have been possible without
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