Ugly Water Partnership

Oceanic Global is thrilled to be the educational and NGO partner to Ugly DRINK's ‘Plain Ugly’ line, which offers still and sparkling purified water in an aluminum can!

Oceanic Global has partnered with UGLY to help them move towards more sustainable operating practices throughout the brand, as well as to provide Ugly drinkers with educational content about both plastic pollution and ocean conservation as a whole. In turn, every can of Plain Ugly sold benefits Oceanic Global.

We’re excited to launch Plain Ugly: an infinitely recyclable, locally sourced alternative to plastic bottles. Working in partnership with Oceanic Global will help raise awareness of a huge environmental issue by using Ugly’s fun tone of voice to make a serious topic feel less scary. Oceanic Global work with some of the best specialists helping us to drastically reduce plastic in our supply chain by 2021. For every can sold, we’ll donate to this great cause.

Hugh Thomas, Co-Founder and CEO, UGLY DRINKS

“UGLY DRINKS has long placed emphasis on human health, bettering industry practices with their natural and sugar-free ingredients. As a NGO focused on providing sustainable solutions on an individual and industry level through our (TOS), The Oceanic Standard Program, we’re excited to partner with UGLY DRINKS to support them in tackling plastic pollution and driving the beverage  industry forward in protecting environmental health as well.