Runa Ray x Oceanic Global: Fabric of the Ocean

Oceanic Global is the educational partner to designer Runa Ray's fully algae-based “Fabric of the Ocean” collection inspired by ocean conservation and sustainable fashion.

Oceanic Global has joined forces with designer Runa Ray as the educational partner to the “Fabric of the Ocean” collection: a line of dresses entirely made from algae collected on the beaches of Northern California. As Runa has been spending time during the quarantine in Half Moon Bay, California, her passion for plant-based textiles has expanded to explore algae as a feedstock.

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Fabric of the Ocean: The Story

We are all connected by one ocean, our life source. 70% of our planet is ocean and the ocean produces over half of the oxygen on Earth. Every second breath comes from the sea. Three billion people depend on the ocean for their primary source of protein. The ocean plays a central role in our planet’s systems like regulating temperature and absorbing heat and carbon dioxide. We are intrinsically connected to and reliant on a healthy ocean.

The algae used in the collection is cyanobacteria (blue-green algae). These were the first oxygen-producers on planet Earth and alone are still responsible for 10% of oxygen we have today! Algae and other marine plants can absorb up to 20 times more carbon than trees. 

With this collection, we are using fashion to bridge people and the ocean, presenting a regenerative choice.