Pachamama Cleanup

November 14, 2020: Oceanic Global's Barcelona Hub participated in a beach and underwater dive cleanup event & eco-marketplace!

Oceanic Global’s Barcelona Hub participated and supported the Pachamama Market: Conscious Market for Good x Beach & Deep Dive Ocean Clean Event sponsored by Desigual and Nuuyu Wellness. OG Ambassador Ely Merino spearheaded a beach and underwater cleanup.

15 divers, 5 sup boards and more than 100 volunteers under the lead of energetic activist Ely Merino.

This event was all about raising awareness about plastic pollution and urgent need to protect our ocean. Especially in Barcelona where due to multiple factors such as a high coastal population density, tourism, and inadequate waste management, it produces some of the greatest amount of annual rubbish per capita, becoming one of the most challenged regions in Europe.