MarlMare Charity Partnership

MarlMare became a charity partner of Oceanic Global.

Oceanic Global teamed up with MarlMare cosmetics as their NGO partner.


MarlMare is a Berlin-based fully nontoxic cosmetics startup founded by Marlene Beuschel dedicated to fighting for and protecting the environment. All MarlMare products can be safely flushed down the drain into the ocean with a clear conscience, which also means they are healthier and safer choices for our bodies.


So far they have Island Oil for the body, Vitality Oil and Golden Chia Seed Oil for the face, and one gel-toner with an Aloe Vera and Hyarulonic Acid base called Vitality Elixier.  They only use glass bottle packaging and explicitly avoid using plastic microbeads found in most personal care products. They enhance their products with sea power plant extracts like Astaxanthin, which is extremely beneficial to the skin. All ingredients are 100% natural and 100% vegan.


Proceeds from all MarlMare products will be donated to Oceanic Global in support of our educational efforts.


Explore their website here.