Chipolo ONE Ocean Edition

Oceanic Global is the charity partner to the new ocean plastic Chipolo ONE Ocean Edition item finder.

Meet the Chipolo ONE Ocean Edition, the First Item Finder Made from Ocean Plastic

Oceanic Global has partnered with Chipolo​, the award-winning item finder company, as they take the plunge to combat ocean pollution by offering the first sustainable Bluetooth item finder on the market. The new Chipolo ONE Ocean Edition features a sustainably-sourced outer shell, made from plastic waste collected from the ocean that would otherwise be left to accumulate and cause risk to marine habitats and the wildlife that live within.

The new Ocean Edition is designed to take action on the projected tripling of ocean plastic flowing into our oceans, which is expected to reach a rate of 29 million metric tons per year by 2040. Chipolo is pledging $1 of every Ocean Edition purchase to Oceanic Global​ to support ocean clean-up efforts.

With the help of,​ a global marketplace sourcing recycled materials from the world’s ocean, material recovered from fishing nets, trawls and ropes floating in the sea is collected, and processed into the polypropylene plastic encasing the Chipolo ONE item finder.

Primož Zelenšek, CEO and Co-founder of Chipolo said: “Sustainability has always been a focus of Chipolo. With the success of our replaceable battery scheme, we knew our consumers cared – that’s why we wanted to use this ethos in every aspect of creation of the Chipolo Ocean Edition, from the recycled plastic coating down to the packaging using craft brown paper and a wood-free paper sleeve that’s completely recyclable.”

The Bluetooth tracker is lightweight and water-resistant. The Ocean Edition comes equipped with all the advanced and free features of the Chipolo ONE including:

  • Out of Range Alerts – Only leave once​ with notifications reminding you to take your essentials up to a distance of 60m to 200ft
  • Battery Life -​ Small but long lasting, the battery lasts 2 years upon which consumers can take part in the replaceable scheme developed to reduce waste
  • Sound -​ A loud 120dB ring ideal for cutting through the busy noise of everyday
  • Unlimited Sharing -​ Personalisation allows you to freely share your device by registering family and friends via the app who you share items with
  • Memorised Locations – ​Using the Chipolo app for IOS and Android, you can quickly find and track where you last had an item
  • Lost & Found Network – Utilise the community of Chipolo users by marking when you lose an item in order to receive location updates when other users are nearby
  • Voice-Controlled​ Supported by: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri, you can easily ring your Chipolo using just your voice
  • Selfie Button​ -​ Make use of time saved not looking for misplaced items by snapping a selfie with a double click on the Chipolo

    The Chipolo ONE Ocean Edition is now available at c​​ and Amazon. For more information and to order a Chipolo ONE, visit​