Art With Me *GNP 2019

April, 2019: Oceanic Global partnered with AWM *GNP and Tulum Environmental Organizations spearheaded by Woolis Green Solutions to implement the Ocean Champion Badge of TOS (now equivalent to 2-Star Blue Seal) with venues participating in the festival.

Oceanic Global partnered with Art With Me *GNP and local environmental organizations, Woolis Green SolutionsNo Mas PlastikRazonaturaRed Tulum and #MAKERS to implement The Oceanic Standard (TOS) (now rebranded to the Blue Standard) in venues participating in the festival through their Care With Me initiative. 16 venues involved successfully achieved the Ocean Champion level badge of TOS for their efforts to eliminate single-use plastics and implement responsible waste management practices.


The Tulum TOS coalition spearheaded by Woolis Green Solutions worked closely with these venues alongside the AWM *GNP Care With Me team leading up to the festival to help these businesses assess their current practices and transition to sustainable alternatives. Badges and certificates were awarded ceremony at the closing gala to ensure that businesses maintained their practices throughout the festival. This work will continue year-round, as venues that change their practices through TOS will do so systemically to create long-term impact. The Tulum TOS coalition will be following up regularly with these venues to check in on their status and encourage them to continue to take further steps, looking further than plastics, to waste management, sustainable food purchasing, wastewater treatment and beyond.