Who We Are

Oceanic, Definition: [oh-shee-an-ik]: of, living in, or produced by the ocean

Oceanic Global inspires us to care deeply for the ocean and provides solutions to protect it. The international NGO sheds light on humanity’s essential relationship to the ocean and empowers individuals, communities, and industries to create positive change. Oceanic Global creates educational experiences, consults on sustainable operations, and engages local communities to generate measurable impact for our collective wellbeing.


Our ocean is both the source and the sustainer of all life on earth. It covers over 70 percent of our planet and produces over 70 percent of its oxygen, accounting for more than every other breath we take. No matter where we’re from or where we live, we are all tied to our ocean. As a species, we are intrinsically oceanic.

Oceanic Global honors humanity’s essential relationship to our ocean. We empower behavior that protects our ocean’s health and, in turn, our own. We raise awareness for the devastating effects of human consumption on our aquatic ecosystems, and work with leading scientists, conservationists, artists, and industry experts to drive positive change.

In order to solve the multifaceted issues impacting our ocean, we must broaden the conversation and inspire new audiences to take action. That’s why Oceanic Global connects with universal passions of art, music, fashion, hospitality, technology and more, meeting people where they are already engaged. By weaving educational messaging into existing interest areas, we encourage individuals to consider their own consumption behavior, while also providing them with sustainable alternatives that suit their daily lives.

Our international community of hub members, collaborators, partners, and supporters also works hand-in-hand with businesses, institutions, organizations, and public officials to expand our reach and to implement industry-specific solutions that create localized impact on a global scale.

We believe that our choices matter, and that with each choice we make, we have the power to create change. Join us in choosing to consume responsibly, preserve the livelihood of our ecosystems, and live in harmony with our natural world.

Every being on this planet is oceanic. We are all connected to our ocean, and our ocean connects us all.


Our Hubs

Our hubs are led by dedicated volunteers that spearhead grassroots activations, host awareness and fundraising events, and drive localized impact on a global scale.

    Oceanic Ambassadors

  • Nathalie Kelley

  • Chris Lake

  • René Daniella

  • Balaram Stack

  • Dr. Easkey Britton

  • Sharon Pieksma

  • Deer Jade

  • Chris Leidy

  • Soul Clap

  • Henrietta Tiefenthaler

  • George Evelyn – Nightmares on Wax

  • DJ Hydrah

  • Brittani Bader

  • Natalie Lefevre

  • Kristin Hettermann

  • Ely Merino

  • Elizabeth Beisel

  • Gaelin Rosenwaks

  • Marta Dávila Mateu

  • Nicki Lange


  • AY Young

  • Emerald Whipple

  • Federico Morisio

  • Jessica Clifton

  • Dr. Sian Proctor

  • Paula Rosales

  • Alex Butler

Scientific Advisors

  • Thomas Potts

    Director of Aquarius Reef Base

  • Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

    Marine Biologist & CEO, Ocean Collectiv

  • Manu San Felix

    Marine biologist, underwater videographer for Pristine Seas, National Geographic

  • Dr. Austin Gallagher

    Biologist & Founder of Beneath the Waves

  • John Warner

    President & CTO of The Warner Babcock institute for Green Chemistry

  • David Saddington

    Climate Change Communicator

  • Illya Azaroff

    Architect & Founder, +LAB Resilient Futures

Oceanic Advisors

  • Susan Rockefeller

  • Mark Dalio

  • Frances Llopis

  • Tarajia Morrell

  • Sarah Berner

  • Karin Isken

  • Rijka Negrete

  • Alex Butler

  • Carl Navarro

  • Doumi Busturia

  • Zak Day

Oceanic Team

  • Lea d’Auriol

    Founder & Executive Director

  • Natasha Berg

    BoD, Secretary, Strategic Partnerships

  • James Sternlicht

    Board of Directors

  • Daniel Romano

    Board of Directors

  • Cassia Patel

    Director of Programs

  • Dawn Moore

    Experiential Program Manager

  • Kiana London

    Community & Grants Manager

  • Rosie Bancroft

    Marketing Coordinator

  • Elizabeth DiSanto

    Blue Standard Manager

  • Aaron Baker

    Digital Production

  • Dena Silver

    Copy Editor