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Leah Harper

Leah Harper is an interdisciplinary artist with a background in art, architecture, and design. Her work focuses on natural forms and environmental systems. Leah participated in Oceanic Global’s Artivism Challenge in December 2017, where she started to address climate change and rising seas through her art. 1) Can you tell...

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    Judith & Richard Lang

    Since 1999 Richard Lang and Judith Selby Lang as a collaborative team have been visiting Kehoe Beach, Point Reyes National Seashore in Northern California. They...

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    Claire Milner

    Claire Milner creates art for environmentalists, conservation organisations, celebrities, large corporations and advertising agencies. Her works have been displayed in institutional and museum exhibitions and are...

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    Benjamin Grant

    Benjamin Grant is a visual artist who uses satellite imagery to create thought-provoking photographs of our planet. He calls his pieces “Overviews,” referencing the “Overview Effect,” a term...

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    Maarten Wouters

    Maarten Wouters is a self-taught studio photographer whose stunning series on pollution in our oceans was inspired by a lifelong love of the water and the understanding that...

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    Liz Kueneke

    Liz Kueneke is an artist who investigates the relationship people have with their environment through participatory mapping, a strategy that allows participants to translate their expertise...

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    Tess Felix

    Tess Felix uses colorful bits of ocean debris to create playful, mosaic portraits of thought leaders and activists in the marine plastics space. Her work employs humor to tell a...

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    Celeste Byers

    From intricate illustrations to bold outdoor murals, the work of Celeste Byers is a colorful celebration of nature. Through her work with PangeaSeed and her...

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    TRES Art Collective

    TRES is an art collective whose curiosity focuses on waste: how it exists, why it exists, what it means for humans and nature. “We would like...

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    Aaron Glasson

    Artist, oceans advocate, and New Zealand native Aaron Glasson sees the earth as one giant connected ecosystem. That understanding drives his vibrant graphic work, from...

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