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Benjamin Von Wong

Benjamin Von Wong is a viral creative, pairing his engineering and artistic backgrounds to create epic imagery that rallies people around environmental and social causes. Von Wong’s work makes these topics digestible and accessible. He communicates global issues through dramatic, fantastic scenes, pulling on the emotions of his audience. His...

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    Mandy Barker

        Mandy Barker is an international photographer whose work investigates marine plastic debris. Collaborating with scientists, she aims to raise awareness around plastic pollution...

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    The Art Rising

    The Art Rising is a social art project founded by Angeline Chen and Kyle Block committed to creating art that spreads awareness for social and...

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    Magenta Hyde

    Magenta Hyde is a self-taught underwater photographer living in New Zealand and working in the islands of the South Pacific, predominantly Tahiti. Magenta’s passion for...

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    Laureen Vellante

    Laureen Vellante creates impressionistic photographs that depict the ocean with an abstract interpretation. She began as a photojournalist and approaches her oceanic subject matter by...

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    Leah Harper

    Leah Harper is an interdisciplinary artist with a background in art, architecture, and design. Her work focuses on natural forms and environmental systems. Leah participated...

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    Judith & Richard Lang

    Since 1999 Richard Lang and Judith Selby Lang as a collaborative team have been visiting Kehoe Beach, Point Reyes National Seashore in Northern California. They...

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    Claire Milner

    Claire Milner creates art for environmentalists, conservation organisations, celebrities, large corporations and advertising agencies. Her works have been displayed in institutional and museum exhibitions and are...

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    Benjamin Grant

    Benjamin Grant is a visual artist who uses satellite imagery to create thought-provoking photographs of our planet. He calls his pieces “Overviews,” referencing the “Overview Effect,” a term...

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