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Dr. Max Liboiron

At an exhibition of Dr. Max Liboiron’s work, you might be asked to purchase a tiny plastic home or better yet, build your own. And you might wonder if you’re participating in a science experiment or attending an art show. The truth is, you’re doing both.       Dr....

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    Jane Kim

    Jane Kim is a visual artist, science illustrator, and the founder of Ink Dwell, a Bay Area studio that explores the wonders of the natural...

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    Courtney Mattison

    Courtney Mattison is an internationally recognized artist and ocean advocate working to inspire policymakers and the public to conserve our changing seas. After studying marine...

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    Ely German

    Born in Buenos Aires in 2000, Ely German is a young artist currently studying Art at UT Austin and exploring how she can use her...

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    Carola Dixon

    Carola Dixon describes herself as an urban faery, guardian of the ocean, multidisciplinary artist, and environmental activist. Her work is founded on a futuristic conception...

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    Anne de Carbuccia

    Anne de Carbuccia is a French – American environmental artist. Beginning with an expedition to Antarctica, she travels the globe documenting the evolution of the...

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    Basia Goszczynska

    Basia Goszczynska is a Brooklyn-based artist who redresses the value of discarded objects through sculpture, installation, new media, and performance. Basia received her BFA from...

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    Benjamin Von Wong

    Benjamin Von Wong is a viral creative, pairing his engineering and artistic backgrounds to create epic imagery that rallies people around environmental and social causes....

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    Mandy Barker

        Mandy Barker is an international photographer whose work investigates marine plastic debris. Collaborating with scientists, she aims to raise awareness around plastic pollution...

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    The Art Rising

    The Art Rising is a social art project founded by Angeline Chen and Kyle Block committed to creating art that spreads awareness for social and...

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