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Estabrak Al-Ansari

Estabrak Al-Ansari is an award-winning Visual Artist & Film Maker, based between London, UK, and Muscat, Oman. She was born in Iraq, and raised in London, after having gone to the UK with her family as a child refugee. Often lead by emotions, her art practice is shaped by a...

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    Peter Matthews

    Peter Matthews is an artist reverting to a primordial relationship with our ocean. His practice is not just about recording this blue planet, but living...

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    Guacamole Airplane

    Guacamole Airplane is an innovative design studio based in South San Francisco. Together, Ian Montgomery and Tom Kochtitzky design and experiment with sustainable packaging. They...

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    Sascha Janson

    Sascha Janson is an underwater photographer and videographer from Germany who currently lives and works on the Laamu Atoll of the Maldives. His underwater photography...

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    Olivia DeCapri

    Olivia DeCapri is an innovative young artist based in Brooklyn, on the East Coast. DeCapri’s work consists of the push and pull of materials, which...

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    Alba Boustanji

    Alba Boustanji is a young artist currently living in Amsterdam and studying Fine Arts at Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Her work covers many mediums, including movement,...

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    John Dahlsen

    Dr. John Dahlsen is a contemporary environmental artist and author whose work examines the passage of time in the landscape and the place of humankind...

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    Jake Price

    Jake Price is a creator of visual narratives, using film and photography to record the human experience and chart its connection to our changing earth....

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    Pam Longobardi

    Few creators are the embodiment of a multidisciplinary artist quite like culture-worker, activist, and researcher, Pam Longobardi. Through the Drifters Project, her work begins as...

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