TOS: Office Space Edition M Moser Collaboration

Oceanic Global has collaborated with M Moser Associates, a world-renowned architectural and design firm and industry leader in innovative and holistic design, to implement The Oceanic Standard in three of M Moser’s global office spaces. The M Moser Hong Kong, New York, and Singapore offices have already achieved the highest level Ocean Champion badge, with the intention for the remainder of the 15 global offices to follow. Their offices are among the first recognized in the world, with M Moser New York as the first office space to be recognized in the US.

As M Moser displays on their website, “The workplace is always evolving. Design is transformational.”

Dr. Christine Bruckner emphasizes, “M Moser is constantly looking for ways to push the envelope, using our own offices as living labs to explore cutting edge strategies and technologies, so we can successfully implement these for our clients to promote best practices.”

Through their ethos of sustainability and implementation of The Oceanic Standard, M Moser demonstrates their agility and willingness to adapt and help build a world where we can achieve harmony between natural and built environments.

Please see the news feature on their website HERE.