Blue Standard

TOS (now Blue) UK Launch Event

Oceanic Global will be launching our latest country-specific edition, TOS: UK Edition, in London on June 17th.

Oceanic Global partnered with Petersham Nurseries Covent Garden in London, UK to host a free industry focused event on Tuesday, June 18th to launch the UK Edition of The Oceanic Standard (TOS) (TOS has been rebranded to the Blue Standard).

The cocktail event brought together specialists from the hospitality industry and solution-based vendors to provide sustainable solutions that are available locally in the UK. The intention of the TOS UK launch event was to ensure that as bans on single-use plastic go into effect, businesses are equipped for this transition, are provided with the necessary information on how to source sustainable products and are not subject to ‘Greenwashing’. It was wonderful to see how many representatives of the hospitality industry came out to learn about sustainable solutions!

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