The Oceanic Standard Tulum Event

November 18, 2018: The launch of The Oceanic Standard in Tulum was accompanied by an evening of art, solution-based vendors, and a panel discussion around sustainability in the hospitality industry with local experts and activists.

Oceanic Global partnered with Habitas Tulum to host a free industry-focused event on November 19th in Tulum, Mexico. This event is part of The Oceanic Standard (TOS) country-specific event series.


Oceanic Global presented both English and Spanish editions of The Oceanic Standard, which is a guide to provide sustainability solutions for the hospitality industry that empower consumers and operators to make conscious choices while meeting both business and environmental needs.


Local solution-based vendors showcased their products throughout the event, and the evening included an expert panel discussion:


Eduardo Castillo (Co-Founder, Habitas)
David Graziano (Founder, Ahau Collection; Founder, Art With Me)
Mauricio Jervis (Founder, Farm to Table Tulum; Founder, Woolis Green Solutions)
Olmo Torres-Talamante (Marine Scientist; Co-Founder, Razonatura)


After the event, we helped form a coalition of local experts to implement TOS in Tulum and create long-lasting impact.