Salvari Jewelry Charity Partnership

Salvari Jewelry became a charity partner of Oceanic Global.

Oceanic Global teamed up with Salvari jewelry to be the NGO partner of their marine jewelry collection.


Salvari is a UK-based jewelry startup dedicated to fighting for, and protecting, the natural environment and all its living wonders. Each Salvari piece is lovingly created from recycled materials in honor of a cause it represents. Proceeds from the marine jewelry collection will be donated to Oceanic Global in support of our educational efforts.


Explore their website here and find out more about the designs and what they represent, below.


Bluefin Tuna

are giants of the open ocean. Famed more for their raw taste than their majestic beauty, they are being fished to the point of extinction and are now classified as critically endangered. Once plentiful, Atlantic, Pacific, and Southern bluefin tuna stocks have been decimated to less than 1% of what they were in the 1950s. Over 97% of Pacific Blue Fin are now caught as juvenile fish, and are too young to reproduce. In January 2017, a single bluefin tuna sold for over $600,000 at a market in Japan, so there is no questioning the ruthless demand for this species! To know bluefin exist and are maintaining balance in the ecosystem is better food than their flesh. Wear your Bluefin pendant with pride. Tell their untold story. Make a difference.


Manta Rays

are killed in the thousands; either as bycatch of commercial fishing, victim to dumping of illegal nets, victim to marine pollution, or captured for ‘medicinal’ properties of their gill plates. Sadly, mantas can’t reproduce faster than they are being cut down and global populations have decreased by 30% over the last 75 years. The Manta pendant displays a manta ray ensnared in a fishing net, help give them a voice now before they are lost forever.



Every year mankind kills around 100 million sharks, mostly for their fins. The practice of shark-finning nearly always takes place whilst the animal is alive. None escape the carnage, whether baby reef shark or ocean going Great White. Enough is enough, this ruthless slaughter of the world’s sharks must end. The Shark Fin pendant represents sharks killed for their fins around the world, make yours a tombstone for those that have perished and a talisman for those still alive.


Sea Turtles

Hundreds of thousands of sea turtles die each year due to ocean pollution and ingestion of waste plastics, as fishing bycatch and entanglement in marine debris. Marine debris is man-made waste that is either directly or indirectly disposed of in oceans, rivers and waterways. The Sea Turtle pendant shows a turtle shell strangled by plastic line, urging us to choose life over plastics and convenience and to finally pay the debt we owe all marine animals by protecting the oceans they live in.