#OurChoicesMatter Campaign

Oceanic Global Foundation's #OurChoicesMatter campaign outlines simple steps that individuals can take to become more responsible consumers. We challenge you to say no to single use plastics and help spread the word!


Oceanic Global’s #OurChoicesMatter campaign highlights easy actions we can all take in our daily lives to restore our oceans’ health. Through demonstrating how individual choices can significantly lessen humanity’s collective footprint, Oceanic Global hopes to create a shift in consciousness and empower behavioural change towards a more sustainable future.

The #OurChoicesMatter campaign has been incorporated at Primavera Festival in Barcelona, Sonar Music Festival, World Ocean Festival NY, Oceanic x Ibiza, as well as numerous grassroots events in Ibiza. Oceanic Global had a presence at each festival, encouraging festival-goers to partake in sustainable practices, providing them with reusable and biodegradable products, and calling upon them to share their actions on social media.

To join the movement: follow @oceanic.global, post a photo of you making one of these 10 conscious choices, include #OurChoicesMatter in your text, and tag @oceanic.global in your photo.