Oceanic x Ibiza Art Installations

July 20, 2017: Leading up to Oceanic x Ibiza, Oceanic Global launched a campaign working with local artists to collect and transform single-use plastics from the coasts of Ibiza into sculptures embodying the threats facing our ocean.

Artists including Alvaro Solerarpa, Eliana Perinat, Kevin Huges, Jorges P. Bruges, Soundwalk Collective, Roseline de Thelin, Russell Ord, Liz Kueneke, Marc Osmo, and Joe Crossley displayed work made out of plastics collected from local beaches drawing attention to issues impacting our oceans.

Sculptures inspiring affection and empathy for charismatic megafauna depicted an octopus, disco shark, manta ray, and endangered green turtle. Sculptures of deformed antelopes made out of the bones of real livestock with trash in their bellies conveyed how plastic pollution impacts both aquatic and terrestrial life, accumulating up the food chain.

Providing a narrative around both pollution and overfishing, Eliana Perinat  also created a dress out of abandoned fishing nets representing the shell of a “mermaid left and found”.

Oceanic Global additionally partnered with elementary schools on the island to encourage students to create their own ocean-plastic art installments, which were displayed on site. The Morna Valley School created a wave made out of differently colored single-use plastic bottles as well as a mosaic, collaged mural spelling “Plastic is NOT fantastic”.