LOVE YOUR OCEAN: Plogging Beach Cleanup

To celebrate Earth Day, Oceanic Global’s Barcelona Hub, in partnership with LOVE YOUR MOTHER—an impactful brand consultancy that creates brands & ignites action to cultivate progress for Mother Earth—hosted a beach cleanup aimed at runners, sportspeople, and anyone who wanted to take ocean action.

The event featured a plogging-style “pick & run”, where attendees combined jogging with picking up litter, followed by educational speeches about the environmental situation of the Mediterranean Sea and Barcelona’s beaches.

Over 20 people joined the day of celebration, including local influencers and businesses, and ~5-10kg of trash was collected—made up mostly of micro & macro plastics. Although a small volume, this represents the removal of plastics that otherwise go unnoticed and enter ocean ecosystems.

This was the first part of an ongoing series of events, called LOVE YOUR OCEAN, which will engage and inspire the local Barcelona community to care deeply for the ocean. To learn more about future events, be sure to follow @loveyourmother_tm!