Hamptons Hub – World Cleanup Day Sunset Beach Cleanup

September 19, 2020: Oceanic Global's Hamptons Hub reconvened to host a socially-distant sunset beach cleanup in honor of the 2020 #WorldCleanupDay!

Oceanic Global‘s Hamptons Hub hosted a socially-distant sunset beach cleanup in honor of the 2020 #WorldCleanupDay on Saturday, September 19th at Gin Lane Beach in Southampton!

As our Hamptons Hub collected material along the beach, we laid it out on a tarp both to separate recyclables, but also to demonstrate the quantity of waste found on what had at first seemed to be an already clean beach (10 buckets and a full tarp later, this was obvious). It was wonderful to see locals joining the effort and grateful to witness community-led initiatives to take care of our shared shorelines. As the cleanup progressed, residents were astonished to see how much we found in a short time. One resident exclaimed, “That’s what you guys picked up on the beach today?! That’s crazy. Thank you.”

In what we collected, the noticeable new element – beyond the expected plastic bottles, cup-covers, balloon remnants and straws – was the variety of PPE, specifically the wide variety of disposable face masks. This is a visible, tangible reminder that as we respond to Covid-19 we get to do so in responsible ways, finding reusable and recoverable solutions that will not add to the ever increasing volume of single use trash. Cleanups remind us that there is no such thing as ‘away’, and all abandoned material poses risks to our health and that of our environment. As we see familiar items ending up on our beloved shores, we are empowered to avoid those items where we can in our daily lives!


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Host your own cleanup with your community! Follow our simple tips: 

  • Remember to wear a mask 
  • Bring your own gloves (any gardening or cloth gloves work well) & bucket if you can to be COVID-safe
  • Bring a reusable water bottle (stay hydrated) 
  • Wear closed-toed shoes and watch out for sharp objects
  • Respect the beach: dunes / protected nesting areas / etc.
  • If you bring snacks opt for reusable packaging where you can
  • Bring eco-friendly / reef-safe sunscreen
  • Pack In, Pack Out –> we will leave the beach better than we found it 😉