The Oceanic Standard: New York Launch

March 27, 2018: The launch of The Oceanic Standard in NYC was accompanied by an evening of art, solution-based vendors, and a panel discussion around sustainability in the hospitality industry.

Oceanic Global unveiled the Oceanic Standard, a guide and award program to help businesses and events adopt sustainable practices, at Freehold Brooklyn on March 27th, 2018 in partnership with Zirkova One+Together Vodka.

Bringing together over 200 business leaders and stakeholders in the hospitality space, the event included a panel discussion between leading industry specialists, John Warner (Green Chemistry), Tarajia Morrell (Zirkova & Mettā), Yana Volfson (Cosme & ATLA), and Kane Sarhan (1 Hotels), as well as the opportunity for guests to interact with solution-oriented vendors.

The standard is available here, and featured on Oceana’s Living Blue Guide.