Corona USA x Oceanic Global


We’re proud to partner with Corona USA to clean up 100 BEACHES
nationwide and remove 1 MILLION POUNDS of plastic
from Corona’s business and the environment by 2025.

As partners to Corona USA’s Protect Our Beaches initiative,
we’ve helped remove 573,000 lbs of plastic waste
to date and we’re just getting started.

National Beach Clean-ups

For Protect Our Beaches Year 2, Corona USA and Oceanic Global worked with United By Blue to hosted a series of Community and High-Yield beach cleanups around the USA between June – October 2022.

Download our free beach clean-up guide to host a Corona clean-up in your community.

Internal Plastic Reduction

We’re not stopping there with cleanups…We’re also helping guide Corona’s internal sustainability efforts via our Blue Standard program. In abiding by the criteria of our Blue Standard, we’re working with Corona to remove the use of plastic across its business and operations including in merchandise, food service items, cups, physical marketing materials, promotional items, packaging, and more. To date, we’ve removed over 500,000 lbs of plastic, and we’re only in year two!

Explore Past Cleanups

Since the program launch, Oceanic Global has worked with Corona to organize two high-yield clean-ups in some of the most polluted places in the USA, as well as community-based clean-ups across the country. Discover the past two High-Yield Cleanups:

Year 1 – South Dade Wetlands

In 2021, Corona and Oceanic Global hosted a high-impact clean-up in the environmentally endangered South Dade Wetlands within the Biscayne Bay near Miami. Biscayne Bay is home to some of the Atlantic Ocean’s most unique wildlife, but it falls victim to marine debris and litter from the city. The clean-up, which was coordinated with the support of experts at United By Blue (UBB), successfully yielded more than 30,000 lbs of plastic waste!

Year 2 – The Santa Maria Riverbed & the Channel Island

For year two of Protect our Beaches, Corona USA and Oceanic Global partnered with United by Blue to lead on further high-yield clean-ups. Since 80% of the trash in the ocean comes from land-based sources, the first clean-up of 2022 was designed not only to address the plastic pollution on the beach but also the waste streams that funnel plastic into the ocean. With that in mind, Corona, Oceanic Global, and UBB first went to the Santa Maria Riverbed, where we removed land-based waste before it could reach the beach. Next, we made our way to the Channel Islands, a remote location in Coastal California home to vital ecosystems and marine life. From this year’s high-yield clean-up 16,941 lbs of plastic pollution and 50,000+ lbs of overall trash were removed!