COP26 Roundup

Join us as we highlight COP26, the takeaways, our involvement, and ways to improve for the future. 

“COP26 is a credibility test for our fight against climate change”
– Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary UN Climate Change

This year marked the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (it really rolls off the tongue, we know!). The conference brought together representatives from nearly 200 countries, in addition to countless industries, institutions, and conservationists.



COP26 brought thousands of people from around the world together to address our climate crisis. Oceanic Global and our partners were also on the ground during the conference to understand and contribute to the fight against climate change.


Our Thoughts on COP26

At the start of the conference, we remained hopeful as we began to see commitments being made by world leaders, industries, and institutions. We saw further pledges made by countries to commit to ending fossil fuel projects, striving for gender equality, and ending deforestation. The world’s most prominent financial institutions promised to redirect funds of $130 trillion dollars towards net-zero. 

These commitments were a good sign, however, over the two weeks, it became increasingly clear that not enough was being done. The global stage of COP and “net-zero targets”, although necessary for focusing the world’s attention, distracted from what is really necessary. Now, more than ever, regenerative solutions and localized, inclusive gatherings—with all levels of agency—are what is truly necessary to fight the climate crisis.

What we, and the planet, need are more ambitious targets and clear action plans that are inclusive, regenerative, and that center ocean-based solutions. We have the solutions at our fingertips, it’s now a matter of putting them into action.⁠ With this energy, we continue our work to empower communities, institutions, and governments to care deeply, unite, and implement solutions to protect our blue planet.