Brooklyn Bowl Family Reunion 2019 SXSW

Oceanic Global partnered with Brooklyn Bowl to implement the Ocean Champion level badge of TOS at their 2019 SXSW Family Reunion Event.


Oceanic Global partnered with Brooklyn Bowl to implement the highest level of The Oceanic Standard (TOS), the Ocean Champion Badge at their upcoming Family Reunion event during South by Southwest in Austin at the end of this week. They have eliminated single-use plastics for the event by partnering with MiiR to provide all party-goers with a reusable metal cup, using cloth tote bags for give-aways and working with local recycling infrastructure to ensure that all beer bottles and cans have a second life. 

This year, Brooklyn Bowl Family Reunion partnered with MiiR to further their mission of minimizing waste products. Every guest attending the event was provided with a MiiR reusable metal cup. This was the only way to get a drink at the event and free for all guests to take home, so guests were encouraged to Hold on to Your Cup! Straws and other wasteful products will not be used during the event. These actions fall in line with Brooklyn Bowl’s greening initiative, which goes back to the opening of the world’s first LEED certified bowling alley in Brooklyn.