Bluehole Belize: Aquatica Scientific Expedition

Oceanic Global is a strategic partner of Aquatic Submarine’s scientific expedition to the 420-ft deep Blue Hole in Belize.

Oceanic Global partnered with Aquatica Submarines, a BC-based emerging and innovative company in the manned submersible technology space, to support their historic expedition (December 1st – 14th, 2018) to the bottom of the famed Blue Hole, 40 miles offshore from Belize in Lighthouse Reef. As a strategic partner of the expedition, Oceanic Global is working closely with Aquatica to spread awareness for their expedition, and to promote the scientific value it will bring within the context of emphasizing necessary marine conservation efforts.   


100% of the Moon has been mapped, 100% of Mars has been mapped, but only 5% of the ocean floor right here on this planet has been mapped.


The Blue Hole, both a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Belize Natural Monument, is the largest sea sinkhole in the world at 420 feet deep. Aquatica’s STINGRAY 500 submarine will accompany Roatan Institute of Deepsea Exploration’s IDABEL, as the two venturing submersibles seek to obtain the first high resolution 3-Dimensional SONAR scan of the Blue Hole! This high-tech deliverable will help us better understand this geologic marvel and provide a window into sea-level and climate changes over the past 100,000 years.  


The expedition aims to provide mapping, imagery, scientific data collection and livestream engagement from the depths to promote ocean conservation and awareness.


Led by Harvey Flemming (President, Aquatica Submarines), the team of explorers includes Richard Branson (Founder, Virgin Group; Ocean Unite), Fabien Cousteau (Founder, The Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center), Karl Stanley (Submersible Pilot, Roatan Institute of Deepsea Exploration), Gaelin Rosenwaks (Expedition Biologist; Founder, Global Ocean Exploration), Mark Atherton (SONAR Expert, Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd), Dr. Andre Droxler (Expedition Geologist, Rice University).


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