Beneath the Waves Shark Tagging Expedition

Oceanic Board Member, James Sternlicht, and Ambassador, Kristin Hetterman, join our partners, Beneath the Waves on their latest shark tagging expedition!

In November 2018, Oceanic Global Board Member James Sternlicht and Ambassador Kristen Hettermann joined our partners at Beneath the Waves (BTW) on a shark tagging exhibition with the goal of promoting BTW’s research and amplifying the message of shark conservation to new demographics. 


In order to defend our world, we must grow our understanding. Sharks are majestic, mysterious, and much maligned – and they’re vital to the health of our oceans. The research done here by Dr. Austin Gallagher is the first of its kind done in Grand Exuma, Bahamas – and the data gathered will further our understanding of these incredible creatures so that we can better protect them.