Arcadia Art Basel 2018

December 3-9, 2018: Oceanic Global is the educational partner for Valentino Vettori's Arcadia project, an immersive art installation designed to communicate the need and possibility for sustainable solutions.

Oceanic Global partnered with artist and Experiential Retail Designer, Valentino Vettori, as the educational partner on his project Arcadia, which premiered at Art Basel Miami 2018. Arcadia is an immersive experience and installation designed to highlight six key environmental issues that impact four earth elements (Water, Air, Land, Energy) and provide solutions in tailored marketplace exhibits for each issue.

The issues include:

Industrial Animal Agriculture

Food Waste


Plastic Pollution


Toxic Pollutants

Oceanic Global assisted in providing and fact-checking the information in the educational component of the exhibit as well as in curating the sustainable solutions including solution-based vendors for each component of the exhibit.

The Arcadia site includes an e-commerce site directing guests to purchase from the suggested vendors for each issue and Arcadia will donate a commission to Oceanic Global for traffic on the site.