Blue Standard

April 8th: SUPR Sports x Resiliency Discussion

SUPR is hosting a discussion on the role of sports in building resilient communities!

SUPR, which falls under the Blue Standard Sports Program, hosted a conversation on CLUBHOUSE to discuss the cultural role sports play in building resilient communities across multiple arenas, including sustainability! Guest speaker, Sofi Armenakian (Director of Operations at Sustainability at the Atlanta Hawks & State Farm Arena) will join us to share more about past efforts at State Farm Arena and what’s on the horizon. The SUPR team will also be present to share more about the SUPR program as a tool for others in the world of professional sports interested in taking a similar approach.

The event was kindly be hosted by our partner Jeremy McKane on the ULTRAMARINE Club on Clubhouse. 🙂


Date: Thursday, April 8th

Time: 2pm PT / 5pm ET 

Location: Virtually on Clubhouse


More about the event:

Professional sports serve a critically important role in our local and global communities. Sports venues play the role of cultural cathedral, endearing many people to associate a strong sense of their fundamental identity with that of their hometown teams. This cultural identity extends beyond the playing field and in 2020, we saw this come to life in how teams and operators stepped up, playing a unifying and healing role for communities overwhelmed by COVID-19, grappling with systemic injustice and facing one of the most divisive times in the modern era. Stadiums and arenas were repurposed as testing sites, voting sites, and even vaccine distribution sites. Teams and athletes spoke out against racial injustice and tore down long-standing racist team names. Throughout it all, the demand and desire for regenerative practices across the board has been increasing and sports are well poised to pioneer change in this arena as well. Join us for a discussion on the pivotal role sports play in building a resilient future, and how this momentum can be applied to the sustainability movement.