2020 Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide

#CareDeeply this holiday season – join us in giving gifts that benefit people and the planet!

While the best way to reduce waste is to repurpose and reuse, explore Oceanic Global-approved gifts from a few of our favorite partners and vendors, from beauty & wellness items to travel goodies.

One of our favorite tips? Remember to use repurposed materials to wrap your gifts! Explore more easy swaps to help keep your holiday celebrations eco-friendly.

Beauty & Wellness

Plaine Products
Did you know the shampoo bottles thrown out every year in the U.S. could fill 1,164 football fields? Shop Plaine for refillable home & personal care products.

Use affiliate code OCEANIC for a 10% discount.

Package Free Shop
Make the world a little less trash-y by shopping for home & personal care items with our friends at Package Free!

Use affiliate code OCEANIC10 for a 10% discount.

BITE Toothpaste Bits
Toss the tube! BITE’s plastic-free toothpaste is made with vegan-friendly ingredients and comes in entirely plastic-free packaging.

Raw Elements Sunscreen
Keep your skin protected, and ecosystems safe! This reef-safe sunscreen is gentle, free of toxic chemicals, tough enough for athletic use, and packaged sustainably.

Pro-Home Gifts

Hydros Water Filtration
Hydros has developed a lightweight, sustainable line of reusable filtering bottles in an effort to do away with our reliance on disposable plastic water bottles – a major contributor to ocean pollution.

Hydros is a charity partner of Oceanic Global.

Blueland Home Cleaning
Refilling is the new recycling. Thoughtfully designed for sustainable home use, never buy (or toss) another plastic bottle again. Blueland’s products come in dehydrated form – just add water, and only pay for refills.

PlanetCare Laundry Filter
Did you know washing plastic-derived clothing (like polyester) releases the equivalent of 50 billion plastic bottles worth of microfibers into the ocean annually? Installed on your machine, these laundry filters help trap & re-purpose those fibers in a closed-loop system!

Use affiliate code OCEANIC for wholesale orders – a portion of proceeds will benefit Oceanic Global. PlanetCare is a charity partner of Oceanic Global.

Bali Boo
Find sustainable & regenerative home products with Bali Boo! From bamboo to coconut, explore natural, zero-waste alternatives to everyday items.

Use OCEANIC for a 5% discount.


Solid & Striped
Shop for your next beach look with swimwear from Solid & Striped’s sustainable line! Made with Econyl fabric – a regenerated nylon made entirely from ocean & landfill waste, like industrial plastic scraps and ghost nets – do good while looking good.

Solid & Striped is a charity partner of Oceanic Global.

PHOENX Suitcases
Built from 100% recycled and recyclable materials, each piece of the PHOENX Tela is designed to re-enter the production process to meet a zero-waste commitment.

Oceanic Global co-designed this limited-edition case, with a portion of proceeds benefiting our Hubs Program.

Chipolo ONE Ocean Edition
Keep track of your keys while keeping plastic out of the ocean! This Bluetooth-connected item finder is made of ocean-bound plastics.

$1 of each Chipolo ONE Ocean Edition sale is donated directly to Oceanic Global in support of our ocean clean-up efforts.

Final Straw & Cutlery
If you’re ready to quit forking around with single-use plastic, Final has sustainable on-the-go options to eliminate single-use straws & cutlery.

Use code OCEANIC for 10% off your purchase; and shop using our affiliate link to automatically donate 10% of your purchase to Oceanic Global.

Support Oceanic Global

The Plastic Journey: A Conscious Coloring Book

Art & creative communication play a crucial role in the ocean conservation movement. The Oceanic Global NYC Hub & artist Kalina Juzwiak created The Plastic Journey, an engaging tool to teach all ages about marine plastic pollution and how we all can be a part of the solution.

Oceanic Global #PlasticFree Jumper

Spread the word that you’re happy to be #PlasticFree in Oceanic Globals unisex crewneck jumper! Made of organic cotton to keep you cozy at beach cleanups & beyond.

ECOALF Navy Jumper, 100% Organic Cotton.

Oceanic Global Be The Solution T-Shirt

Championing positive change in your community looks good on you! Celebrate your bright future and encourage others to join you in our Be The Solution tee.
100% Organic Cotton.