1 Hotel Documentary Series Partnership

Oceanic Global has partnered with 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge on a year-long monthly conservation documentary series "Films for Thought".



Oceanic Global is launching a year-long monthly conservation documentary series “Films for Thought” with 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge running October 2018 – October 2019. The series will include a screening followed by a Q&A in their cinema room. For each film, Oceanic Global will bring in a representative from the film/organization or other relevant speaker to lead the post-screening discussion, allowing the audience to engage with the documentaries on a deeper level.



Our first screening was Oceans: Our Blue Planet, a co-production between OceanX Media and BBC Earth. A journey to explore the world’s least known and least explored habitat, this 3D film was shot over four years across the globe. Methane volcanoes on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, the icy depths of Antarctica, and the urban beauty of Miami’s port are just a few of the locations featured. This 3D film was created alongside Blue Planet II, the landmark TV series from the BBC, and is now featured in over 50 countries worldwide. Executive Producer, Jennifer Hile, and Director, Mark Dalio led a post-screening discussion.



The second in our “Films for Thought” series with 1 Hotel was Chasing Coral, followed by a Q&A discussion led by Producer and Director, Jeff Orlowski. Chasing Coral focuses on the status of global coral reefs, highlighting issues such as climate change, ocean acidification, and overfishing as well as potential solutions.



The December screening of Oceanic Global’s “Films for Thought” Series, will be an episode of National Geographic‘s Years of Living Dangerously, “Collapse of the Oceans” with guest speakers Producer & Director, Martha Jeffries and Producer, Cat Hartwell. In this one hour episode, correspondent Joshua Jackson travels to Canada, Australia and the Philippines and looks at the impact of ocean warming and acidification on coral reefs. “Collapse of the Oceans” won Best Reality Television at the Environmental Media Awards 2017




The January screening will be the Paul G. Allen Executive Produced Vulcan Productions and Brick City TV feature documentary: “CHASING THE THUNDER”.  The documentary is about the Sea Shepherd’s ocean campaign in the Southern Ocean, with guest speakers Directors, Mark Benjamin and Marc Levin.

As Mark Benjamin describes the film, “Global IUU  (Illegal, unreported, unregulated) fishing is a catalogue of sins against marine sustainability and humanity. Secrecy is the norm in pirate fishing and much of the legal fishing reporting trashes the reality of truth and the industrial fishing world wears only a fig leaf of legality. Our film tries to uncover and expose this nightmare for the future of wild fish in the sea and the dire prediction for the ocean.”  See trailer HERE.




The February screening in this series will be NRDC‘s Sonic Sea with guest speaker Dr. Francine Kershaw, a project scientist at NRDC’s Marine Mammal Protection Project and Oceans Program, joining us to lead the post-screening Q&A discussion. Sonic Sea is a documentary highlighting the threats ocean noise pollution poses to marine life that won the 2017 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Nature Documentary and Outstanding Music and Sound.