Oceanic Global NYC Hub Cleanup:
Rockaway Beach

Join the Oceanic Global NYC Hub in keeping Rockaway Beach clean on Saturday September 23rd!

Meet the Blue Standard by Oceanic Global!

At Oceanic Global, we recognize the power that businesses and industries have in catalyzing positive impact and driving behavior change at scale when given the tools to do so.⁠

That’s why we created Blue—a first-of-its-kind, cross-industry standard that provides tools & guidance for global industries and businesses (of all sizes!) to achieve measurable positive impact for our blue planet.⁠

How does Blue work?⁠

If you want to do the right thing in your industry, but don’t know where to start → Blue’s 3-Star Business Operations Verification can help transition your business or events away from environmentally detrimental products and processes. The program includes open-source resources, step-by-step auditing, consultation support, and buying deals with our Blue List of vetted sustainable vendors.⁠

If you’re already exploring sustainable solutions → Blue assesses procurement and supply chains to verify products and processes as being truly sustainable & plastic-free. This avoids greenwashing claims, makes it easier for consumers to choose products that *actually* tread lightly on the blue planet, and signals to the world that you’re taking responsibility for our shared planet and all it sustains.⁠

Solution Exist for a more balanced future, and it’s time to put them to work.⁠

Go Blue & Get Verified at bluestandard.com