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Soul Clap

Before today there was yesterday and after tomorrow is the future. Eli aka Bamboozle and Charlie aka Lonely C's paths were crossed for all time when a Sun Ra light beam sent from Saturn collided with the P-Funk Mothership and sent them tumbling to earth. Now, Soul Clap time travels on a musical spaceship of dopeness...

Ambassador Q&A

What inspires you to care deeply about the ocean?

The numbers tell part of the story, the Ocean covers 71% of the Earth's surface and holds 97% of our water. But it's the unique and beautiful animal and plant life that make up the Ocean's diverse ecosystems that truly inspire us. Swimming in the Ocean is our connection to mysterious worlds beneath the surface and it's so important to protect them.

How are you working to create a positive impact with your platform?

The desire to create positive impacts with our music and our platform is ingrained in both of us. As Soul Clap we believe that it's our duty as DJs to respect and teach about dance music's roots as a subversive movement of marginalized people. We also each have our own ways of engaging with the world to make positive change. Eli has been working with DJs For Climate Action for almost a decade to engage artists and our communities with climate education and positive action, as well as working with Give A Beat to help fight mass incarceration in the U.S. Charlie has been working to raise awareness and protect the Ocean and coral reefs around the world by creating art like Can You See Change and organizing beach cleanups in his home, Miami.

If you could share one tip for protecting our blue planet, what would it be?

VOTE! Educate yourself and your community and get involved in politics. Making personal choices like eating plant based and traveling less are important, but without system change we're not going to make the big impacts we need to fight climate change and save our Oceans.


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