Meet the Ambassador

Kristin Lindblad

"Kristin Lindblad is an artist, philanthropist, and conservationist who supports valuable projects, causes, and initiatives through strategic giving, visual and literary storytelling, and communications strategy. She spends much of her time navigating life — and the planet — with her husband, Sven Lindblad, founder of Lindblad Expeditions, a global leader in environmentally responsible expedition travel and Ocean advocacy. Together, they run the Wanderlust Fund and value providing crucial funds to organizations doing important work with cultural and environmental protection, global relief efforts, children, and the arts. Based between Maui and Charleston, her work and travels have taken her on adventures around the world, sharing her love of nature and motivating people to explore and broaden their horizons. She particularly enjoys interviewing and working with scientists in the field. You can read samples of her environmentally focused feature writing on Scientific American, Newsweek and Virgin platforms. She also serves in an official advisory capacity to Beneath the Waves, WildAid, Ocean Unite, the Reefline of Blue Lab Preservation Society, PangeaSeed Foundation and Cultural Sanctuaries Foundation. Her OceanSCAPES Ocean conservation photography platform was launched in August of 2018 and aims to inspire people to “feel the Ocean,” executing versions of her underwater photography through partnerships and productions in design, science, and philanthropy. She enjoys the creative execution of “ARTivism” projects to raise awareness for crucial environmental and social challenges, as well as planetary success stories. Kristin spent the early part of her career in communications consulting assisting start-up, non-profit, and small business ventures with public relations, brand development, and major event planning. Educational notes include a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in French and Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia with coursework through Vanderbilt University in France and the University of Pennsylvania Wharton Undergraduate School of Business. Kristin is most comfortable under the sea and her friends just refer to her as Mermaid. She is an avid scuba diver, free diver, kite surfer, and has a keen interest in yoga, meditation, and wellness practices. Always a global ambassador, if it involves adventure, discovery, and inspiration...the answer is yes. kristinlindblad.com"

Ambassador Q&A

What inspires you to care deeply about the Ocean?

The Ocean has always brought me great peace and happiness, its ever changing landscape has held my attention and calmed my spirit, particularly in my adult years living in coastal communities Charleston, South Carolina and Maui, Hawaii. As I began to get to know her more intimately - spending more time exploring her depths around the world - I understood just how small we are compared to the big blue beating heart of the planet. You realize that her health is your health, no blue no green….

How are you working to create a positive impact with your platform and/or in your own life

"Gift giving is my primary love language, so it ends up making a lot of sense that my life has taken me on a path focused on non-profit development work and now giving through our donor advised fund. We focus mainly on smaller grants that can make a big difference, and I prefer to be more of an activist donor in that the organizations we support I also am keen to be more involved with in an advisory or Board capacity or just in sharing the work they are doing. Re: my social platforms, I personally prefer to post less, with more … meaning, the last thing we want to do is to add to the noise in the room. My goal is to purposefully share and have engagement with people that care to dig deeper into information and consciously implement that into their own sharing and caring. I have personally always loved the idea of building community around my work, and have primarily focused my social platforms on sharing photos and information surrounding our cause-related travel and explorations and our philanthropic partnerships."

If you could share one tip for protecting our blue planet, what would it be?

"Get to know the Ocean - learn about its creatures, explore its underwaters, educate yourself on the threats and how it has changed in the past 100 years. By knowing something intimately, you develop an empathetic sense of care that will affect the choices you make and the footprint you have on the planet. Follow organizations involved with Ocean health, and commit to engage in recommended behavior changes like eliminating single use plastics, reduce fish intake and consume sustainable fish sources, change your habits of carbon consumption. Little changes in daily life do add up."


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