Oceanic Global is a non-profit that taps into universal passions of art, music and emerge tech to educate individuals on issues impacting our oceans and provide them with solutions for driving positive change.

We create immersive experiences that: engage local communities, generate measurable impact, amplify the efforts of synergistic groups, and ignite global action.


We believe in the power of individuals to create change. We all make choices and our choices matter, for our own wellbeing and for that of this planet that we call home.

Our home is composed 70% of Oceans. Our Oceans produce over 70% of our oxygen – that is more than every other breath we take. We are all intrinsically connected to our Oceans. Our health –the health of humanity- depends on their health.

Everyday, we as individuals choose to either pursue the illusion of human comfort or to preserve the livelihood of our ecosystems. Let’s choose to rejuvenate our natural world and live in harmony with our Oceans and planet.

Oceanic awakens our inner superpowers and inspires us to make educated choices that create lasting change.

Our Mission

Oceanic encourages conservation through educating, inspiring, and empowering our population to take individual action and create a communal shift toward responsible consumption.

Weaving educational messaging through artistic means and immersive VR content, Oceanic taps into globally shared passions and the emotional power of the arts with two calls to action:

Oceanic Ambassadors

  • Susan Rockefeller

  • Adrian Grenier

  • Balaram Stack

  • Liam Whaley

  • Mark Dalio

  • Pino Sagliocco

  • Oliver Trevena

  • Clara Villoslada

  • Sailor Brinkley Cook

  • Nicki Lange

  • John Acquaviva

  • Chris Leidy

  • Kristin Hettermann

Scientific Advisors

  • Manu San Felix

    Marine biologist, underwater videographer for Pristine Seas, National Geographic

  • Ayana Johnson

    Marine biologist, policy expert & independent consultant

  • John Warner

    President & CTO of The Warner Babcock institute for Green Chemistry

  • Austin Gallagher

    Biologist & Founder of Beneath the Waves

  • David Saddington

    Climate Change Communicator

Oceanic Advisors

  • Susan Rockefeller

  • Frances Llopis

  • Hector Mujica

  • Masha Drokova

  • Susan Reeves

  • Rachel O'Reilly

  • Brad Fox

  • Ben Benalloul

  • Jerry Reid

  • Sarah Berner

Oceanic Team

  • Lea d'Auriol


  • Doumi Busturia

    Creative Director,
    Board of Directors

  • Natasha Berg

    PR & Media Relations
    Board of Directors

  • James Sternlicht

    Director of Strategic Development
    Board of Directors

  • Zak Day

    Oceanic x Ibiza
    Account Manager

  • Rijka Negrete


  • Karin Isken

    Oceanic x Ibiza

  • Aaron Baker

    Digital Production

  • Marko Bajlovic

    Digital Production

  • Robyn Nicholl

    Social Media

  • Shauna Stack

    Director of Special Projects

  • Lauren Roll


  • Molly McGrath

    The Current

Oceanic x Ibiza Partners